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Cannondale Track - For Sale or Trade

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Frameset is for sale or trade.

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Is this bike still for sale?

Lemme know asap. Id love to buy this bike! thanks

Cannondale and what is the

Cannondale and what is the black one?


Hey man did you ever get rid of the cannondale?

Damn, too big

Damn, too big

it's a beater kilo.

not even really worth posting.

well worth the wait. You had

well worth the wait. You had to give in because its hard to take advice from people with no bike. Anyone could have been thinking you rode a giant bowery with an aerospoke or something. The aerospoke may make up for the bowery, but really, who would take advice from someone with a bowery. Oh and that dust buster looks convenient

Sick rides dude! Did you get

Sick rides dude! Did you get that wheel from atanz?

do you mean the zipp?

i picked that up locally long ago, and now it's been sold.

Look like



they're sabians (zildjian's bastard child). i chose robert over armand.

What fork did you end up

What fork did you end up using?

i know i didn't take

your advice on this one, but it's from a khs. the axle-to-crown height is a little bit longer than i wanted, but it's sufficient.

I don't remember what I

I don't remember what I said...

you said

to go carbon, and that skinny steel fork blades look wrong on oversized aluminum tubes.

That's about right. Anyway,

That's about right. Anyway, it looks just fine despite the silly fork blades. Though the stays balance it out. It's a great bike.

my thoughts exactly.

and thank you.

I like steel forks on

I like steel forks on cannondales

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