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Alan Super Record ?

Bike tags: Touring
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1980 - 1985 ?


Shimano 600EX

Shimano 600EX

Shimano 600EX

Shimano 600EX


Shimano 600EX


Shimano 600EX

Shimano 600EX


Can anyone help me to tell me wich year and type this Alan is?

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He nice frame!
Just look on the right side of the seattube, just above the "regenboog" decal. Mine says: ALAN980, that means its from 1980.
Now take it apart, sell the shimano stuff, clean the frame and build it up with a proper Nuovo Record gruppo and a campa 25mm seatpost!
Good luck!

Hoods so low...why? . . . He

Hoods so low...why?
He that knows nothing will believe anything.

I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.


You must explain the word 'hoods' to this Dutchman, before I can give an answer

I think he means 'brake lever'...

...since they would have brake lever hoods (covers) on them, if they actually had brake lever hoods on them, which they don't.

The levers are probably low because it was the style back then, before the '90s guys like Lance popularized riding with your hands on the tops of the hoods. My bigger issue is with the rotation of the bars; the slope of the bar down into the levers is definitely too steep for me to be comfortable. I would rotate the bars upwards so the drop ends angled up towards the front, to flatten out the top ramps; that will make them more comfortable to hold without getting a lot of rotation in your wrists.

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