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Early 80s Fuji Intermediate Track

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Ishiwata steel / 58cm / 1981-82

40cm Nitto B125 steel / 125mm 65deg Nitto Jag steel

Fuji / Tange Falcon

36h 4x / Sunshine Professional / Mavic Module E / 23c Panaracer Pasela

36h 4x / Sunshine Professional / Mavic Module E / 23c Panaracer Pasela

165mm Sugino Super Mighty track / Sugino 75 SuperLap

Fujita 'FUJI' / 27.2 Sugino Mighty

MKS / HKK Vertex Blue

shit that fuck


1/8" / 49t Sugino Mighty Competition chainring / 16+17t Suntour cogs & lockrings

Oddly, it hasn't changed much in appearance in the past two and a half years, despite having replaced every goddamn part but the headset multiple times.

August 2012: finally found a 65 degree steel jag stem, it's cool and shit.

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wheelset mang

thanks braj

my favorite part of the bike, along with the cranks. Now if only I actually rode the damn thing.. it's like it wasnt designed to be a practical commuter or something

Looks great!

Great looking ride! Have you thought about putting the Fuji decals back on? And I think a white saddle would really complete the look.

and thank you!

I really should get around to the decals. The only issue is the repaint resulted in a shorter white paint band on the seat tube than before; the letters would be crowded. But it is a bit of a blank slate right now! I kind of want to get more creative, but lack the skills/imagination to figure out something clever.

and I think about a white saddle from time to time too, though I've bonded pretty well with this (ridiculously unforgiving) Fujita saddle. My zealous adherence to japanese things is a real problem for finding a suitable alternative. I appreciate your insight!

That's a Fine Fuji

Looks great even without the decals!

thanks dude

she is a keeper.




so fat and sassy



ha! nice bike man, smart and

ha! nice bike man, smart and classy. i thought i recognized this. how in the hell have you had so many bikes??


the bikes come and they go... I've got a part-time job, a depleted savings account, and a father who loves cycling as much as me :)

Very pretty.

I really like this bike, one of my favorite frames ever: the color is perfect.

Loved following the build thread, too. Good work.


Sick build and thread, classic. Maybe you could try a 20c front tire to help with the brake rub?


yeah, I considered that. But I do love the way the Michelins look, so I think I'll wear down the rear a little more and then switch it to the front. It's just the little extra rubber on top that rubs, and sometimes some road debris if it gets caught.


True. I doubt you'd have any problems but putting a tire that's been worn on the back to the front is kinda sketchy. They're pricey but Veloflex tires are super nice, and they have skin-walls. The Record is the lighter one and is 20c, and the Pavé is the slightly thicker and more durable one, which is 22c I think. They would look really awesome on there, and probably solve the rubbing. Just my two cents haha

this is like peru in

this is like peru in 1990s...fuji shock!!!!!!!!!

You need to fumigate that shit. not the bike, the bike barn.

No but for real this bike came out looking really nice. Great work!

Too many sexy Great job on

Too many sexy
Great job on the bike all this long wait and you finally get to enjoy it!
Get some Nitto RB021 they are great handlebars

the bike barn

is going to go out of business with those hours.

on the contrary

business is booming. Every time I go in there, the line is going out the door with people on walmart mountain bikes that need work on them that costs more than they could sell the bike for.

that's probably because

those people on walmart mountain bikes have no jobs.


you seem to know it all!

good stuff

it came out great. the thread was good to read especially now that we're able to see the outcome.

Yeah dude this ride rocks!

Yeah dude this ride rocks!

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