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Merckx track pursuit

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Eddy Merckx pursuit pista

Carbon risers

Corima carbon 650c

Weinmann Deep V


52/16 street

Deep rims, bar spins, and flipped brims, must be Chi Town.

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Sick Geo

Super digging the geometry of this frame... More into tight wheel / tire clearances but this just works.

The use of Columbus MAX

The use of Columbus MAX tubing (with lugs) is hardly unique to Merckx though. Par example:

Either way, awesome frameset you got yourself :) ...not so sure about some of the parts though (not enough Italian bits).


Very true, MAX tubing was used by many builders in the late 80's and early 90's and went out after aluminum went popular and all the lugs were used up. Fortunately MAX tube sets were just brought back by Columbus. Even though the lugs are still gone, builders can tig weld up a set now if you want. As far as Italian bits... this aint no show bike, its my street ride and dodges buses, car doors, and little children like a pro.

Original Chicago chapter

glad to see another columbus

glad to see another columbus max bike in chicago. i love mine and am so glad that they brought back the tubeset.

Merckx! nice!

Merckx! nice!

it's a Merckx ... stupiT me for selling that hahaha!

after i sold that frame, found this on fyxomatys:
half way down that page you'll see a twin brother/sister road version
now iam gonna go and shoot myself in da face

mmmm. corima. d0_ob

mmmm. corima. d0_ob ={♥♫♪♥♀}

Max tubing

Thanks for all the info so far. It is actually Columbus Max tubing. A fascinating read on tube technology if anyone gets the chance. But still no clue on manufacturer.

Its a Mahuoh. It was on ebay

Its a Mahuoh. It was on ebay a while back and I was trying to get it but didnt happen. it use to be blue and the fork use to be black its not the orgnial fork for the frame though. I was trying to get it after i got hit by a car and needed a new one. This is my favorite frame I've ever seen I'm sure its the one I was trying to get. If you ever want to get rid of it I'm willing to pay some $$$

NOT a Mahuoh bike, sorry.

Well, you found the guy who won it on Ebay. I asked the seller if it was a Muhuah and he said no, he just put those stickers on there. He said he owned a couple Mahuah pursuit bikes and they were all special because of either double (twin) down tubes and the stem mounted on the fork for more aerodynamics. First thing I did was take it to local shop for possible I.D. The Columbus tubing sticker was written in Italian and the colors on the sticker indicated early 90's, Italian threading, and the blue paint was crap, chipping and peeling, he said that is very common of Italian 90's. But thanks for the shout out, I love the bike and will let you know if Im ever wiling to give it up.

well shit my mind was just

well shit my mind was just blown. Hope you find an ID on it its such a sweet frame

Message that guy i believe he was the one selling it. And again I very willing to pay some $$$ for it if you are interested


weird...steep angles. cool tho. nice rogue sticker.


beautiful bike i wish i had more information about your bike for you but i can say old rasputin is an amazing beer haha

Tapered steel

Those tapered top tube and down tube are interesting. Ive never seen that on a lugged steel frame before.


Columbus MAX



thats right CAP locks hahaha

thats right CAP locks hahaha

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