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FOR SALE // 2010 Bianchi Super Pista

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Bianchi Super Pista // 53cm // 2010

Nitto B-125 38cm // Soyo Long Grips //Thomson Elite 110mm

Bianchi Alucarbon // Cane Creek Integrated

Cane Creek Track V // 24 hole // Continental Ultra Sport 700x23

Cane Creek Track V // 28 hole // Vittoria Randonneur 700x28

Sugino 75 165mm NJS // Sugino 75 Bottom Bracket NJS // Sugino Zen 51t Chainring NJS

Concor Supercorsa // Thomson 27.2

MKS Track // KMC K710

51x16 Dura Ace // 51x20

My second build. Street and Track.

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I want to buy this. email me

I want to buy this. email me at [email protected] if you are still looking for a buyer, thanks

nice ride

I hope i have a ride that nice some day

Really niceeee!

Hey man!

Really niceee setup!! I just got the same frame same size, I was wondering.. how tall are you? Im 5.9 and I got the 53 like you but im wondering if it will be to small.. with a 100 stem and a straight seatpost.

And.. if it is to small.. does anybody know if they will let me exchange it for something bigger? I havent ride it yet...

thanks a lot man!

Again.. sweet setup..


I am 5'9" too. Very

I am 5'9" too. Very comfortable fit for me. The stem is 110mm but I am currently looking for a 100mm.

your ride street a lot? hows

your ride street a lot? hows the comfort of the aluminum/carbon?


hows the 51/16 gear ratio? im running 49/16.

Nice but something about it...

This bike is very nice and probably has excellent response but I can't get over how ugly these super pista's are.. I think that it is the matte black.. Looks like a leader... Nice but ugly as shit..

BEAUTIFUL. i would like to


i would like to build one this summer :)

d0_ob ={♥♫♪♥♀}


I´ve seen some Concept owners talk crap about this frame, but what´s the difference? They at least look more or less the same to me...

Pflanzgarten stole my virginity

the only benefit the super

the only benefit the super pista has over the concept is that they addressed the seat clamp problem. The Concept was prone to cracking around the seat colar, the super pista has a more aero seat tube now with a completely different seat post clamp. The super pista is a track bike designed for the road, where as the Concept was designed completely for the track.


Ok, thanks for the info! It looks really good!
Pflanzgarten stole my virginity

Wait....I have three

Wait....I have three different sets of Cane Creeks wheels, and have these exact wheels on both my Bareknuckle and Pista Concept....and both wheelsets, I'm running EAI cogs. Tell me...why now would your EAI not "fit"? That does not make any sense. The threading is the same and everything.

I'm riding with the Superstar EAI cogs on the CC wheels, BTW.

You will love the wheels. Although not as light as some other wheels, I found the advantage of having such a stiff wheel with ultra tight spokes far surpasses other lighter wheels (that are not as stiff)


I have two EAI cogs, both ISO threaded. Initially I was unable to thread the cog on past the first few threads. Instead of trying to force it on I called Cane Creek and they advised me that ISO cogs are 1.375" and these hubs require 1.370". Doesn't make sense to me that a smaller diameter would be bigger?? However, they suggested DA and Phil as they fit looser than EAI overall.

I have a surly cog threaded

I have a surly cog threaded onto these wheels and everything seems to work as it should. I love these wheels though. Miles of difference between standard Velocity/formula builds.

Your bike turned out great,

Your bike turned out great, its almost perfect. But if I were you I would get a Rubino pro front tire, and a good pair og straps mks or toshis you'll feel the difference. Have a good ride.

19t... get a 15.

19t... get a 15.

Bianchi Super Pista

Cane Creek wheels are sick !!! Lose the decals...

heard they're liquidating

heard they're liquidating their stuff on ebay. are they still going to make wheels?

d0_ob ={♥♫♪♥♀}

Personally, I found the

Personally, I found the little lizards running around my wheels ugly, and removed all the decals on my Cane Creek rims. They used to putt FOUR stickers on EACH side of the rim, for a total of 16 STICKERS total. I actually removed all of the stickers and weighted them on a very percise scale and they came out to be around 8 grams! For a company that is trying to save every single gram by moving the spoke nipples from the rim, you think they would not plaster the rims with all those decals! HAHA!

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