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Paddrock's Concept

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Bianchi Pista Concept

Answer Pro Taper / Thomson X2

Bianchi / Aheadset

Mavic Ellipse

Mavic Ellipse

Campagnolo Record 165's - 49t / Campagnolo Record

Selle Italia Alpine / Thomson Elite

MKS Royal Nuevo / D.I.D.

19t Phil Wood


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The Cramps . . .

. . . told be that a 19t rear gear would make you one slow puppy.


thats a great looking bike.


Just joined Velo and looking through the pages. Will post my Pista shortly, but had to say your bike is truly righteous. Perhaps my next bike will be a Pista Concept. Excellent colour scheme. Respect is due. Cheers!

usually not a big fan of the

usually not a big fan of the aerospokes, but this concept is ill. color scheme and all.

what year is the frame?

what year is the frame?


Was the 06, Celeste.


Im was tentative about moving to ABQ but Cranks 505 has renewed my vigor! Nice damn bike too...

I want to kiss it

This thing is to die for. Very nice job.


Is that the same wheel you had up front with a different hub? or did you trade someone? Nice bike.


That's a proper track rear. I've since sold the set.


good rollin last night. see you on the 26th.


are you a rapper? can i be down (with the cranks)?


No. You cannot.


I love that saddle...i want one so badly....sick bike too


im feelin the concept with your concept!

glossy black looks awesome.

glossy black looks awesome. nice work.

is that the 2008 concept?

is that the new 08 color scheme?


I hate you.



505 Represent!

Tha Cranks huh? Hopefully I'll see you on the streets of Santa Fe...


dope dope bike. sickest concept on velospace, nice work.


Came out NICE!

Where did you get the decals done btw?


I sent away for the headtube decal from a fellow in England. The downtube, seattube, and fork decals are just locally made.

my old girl...

there she is. love the make over. celeste still down to the bone! congrats on the new build and take care of her

PAA/Merrill Lynch Cycling Team

rear cogs and chains are for sissies.. real men ride nixed gear.

Noice! There you go. That D.I.D. chain is crazy light yeah?

I literally...

just said out loud....

" No way. That is sooooooooo fucking sick"

hahahha. beautiful ride, good job my man.


nice work!

yo! do we get to see a picture with the front and rear aeros?

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