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2009 KHS Flite 100

Bike tags: Fixed gear | aerospoke | flite 100 | khs | KHS Flite 100
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KHS Flite 100

Bianchi Pista Stock

Flite 100

ERRORSPOKE (Completely Absent Braking Surface? ;D)

Velocity Deep X

Tourativ Touro

Forte SLR




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Nice brake...

Nice brake placement. Whats on the front part of the top tube?

Do those spoke cards make you faster?


What stem are you running? is it 1" or 1 1/8 with a shim?




which stem? is it just the stem from a bianchi pista? I'm toying with the idea of converting to a threaded system because of the lack of 1" threadless stems, and the ones I have seen aren't terribly attractive... but I like the looks of the stem you have... any more info would be great, thanks!!

couple things...

where did you mount your computer magnet?

how do you brake? suicide style with one hand on the bars?

and damnit i thought i was the only one who thought of putting the computer on the tt.. =/ lol..

nice bike


I think your brake setup is pretty lever. Great way to indirectly tell the cops to suck it. Our campus police haven't see enough problems from brakeless riders yet, so no laws about it here.

Dude, teach me to barspin

Dude, teach me to barspin with drop bars.

I think that brake setup is

I think that brake setup is fucking epic. Keep rockin' it dude. And I know how the Davis cops hate on brakeless fixies. :[

nothing against the bike, well actually......

you asked for it with that brake setup.
did you buy a short cable? were you just like " oh fck it", "ill put it on my top tube" so basically, in a jam you quickly reach between your legs and squeeze. if you ran into some thing head on while clenching your tt-brake, you could technically rack on your own arm.

thats tight.

entire bike = fail since khs

entire bike = fail since khs flites are rebranded kilos

how is that a fail? if you

how is that a fail? if you drive a mercury sable is that a fail because it's the same frame as a ford taurus? they're all maxway frames anyway, most of the mass-produced frames from a dozen name brands are all made in the same factory, it doesn't mean that one is of greater or lesser quality than another, just the opposite, it means that they're of the same quality. so a flite 100 is not a rebranded kilo tt, they're just the same frame, made in the same factory, then shipped to two different retailers who put their branding decals on them.

also, your bike looks nice.

it's a fail since he sold a

it's a fail since he sold a kilo tt to buy it. also the brake is retarded



Brake = Fail

Brake = Fail

Seriously... at first I saw

Seriously... at first I saw your "brake = fail" comment and thought "what a douche"... but then I looked closer at his setup... I mean it might work in theory, but I would love to see this get used in a true emergency situation. I'm not try to make "brakes/no brakes" argument here... just a "if you're going to do it, do it right" argument. The only situation I see this being of any use is if you can see very far in advance that you won't be able to stop solely with your drivetrain. I could be very wrong here and would love to hear a good explanation from the bike's poster.

brake works 100% and isnt

brake works 100% and isnt much differnt than braking with one hand while signalling (still one hand on bars, one hand not on bars)
its the cops in here in davis that give 215$ no brake tickets everyday. thats the real reason i have this brake setup~ and barspinzz? ;D
i actually use this brake 80% of the time instead of skipping and i dont know what you guys mean when you say it looks flimsy because its secured just like if it would on your handle bars.
but yea brake works, i use it everyday. 48x14 ratio and the brake is able to keep up with fully stopping my avg of ~19mph speeds on the spot on campus.

I'll give it to you b/c of

I'll give it to you b/c of the police scenario. Now you have me wondering where else you could mount it and still have it work. Mount that shit on the down tube and take 1 foot off the pedal and stomp on it to brake. Mount it on the seatpost so it looks like you grabbing your junk when you brake. I'm totally joking, but it's making me laugh thinking about trying to use it in those positions.

why not just mount in the

why not just mount in the front. that is just ugly. looks like a dick. lol

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