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Cinelli Supercosa

Bike tags: Road bike | Brooks | campagnolo | cinelli | vintage
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Cinelli Super Corsa, 54 cm, mid 1980s

Cinelli Campione del Momdo 40cm, Cinelli XA stem, 11.5cm, Brooks bar tape

Cinelli sloping fork crown steel fork, Campagnolo Super Record headset

Campagnolo Record, 36h, Campagnolo Victory Strada tubular rim, Vittoria Competition Tubulars

Campagnolo Record, 36h, Campagnolo Victory Strada tubular rim, Vittoria Competition Tubulars

Campagnolo Super Recod 172.5 mm cranks, Record BB, Italian thread.

Campagnolo Super Record seatpost, Brooks Swift saddle

Campagnolo Record Pedals, Cinelli alloy toe clips, Cinelli toestraps, Everest chain

Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Record

52x42 front, 13x23 6 speed rear

An eBay rescue of a mid 1980's Supercorsa; repainted; with old school decals. This is my attempt at reproduction/replica of the old Cinelli SCs.

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Dating the frame...

This frame is a 1984 Cinelli Super Corsa.

I was curious about the

I was curious about the color, how did you arrive at that color? Did you see that somewhere on another Cinelli or catalog? I in the process of restoring an old Cinelli Super Corsa and was wondering if there were other colors I could use. The original color is the antique silver.

Keep original or if you have to, go silver again

First, unless the original paint is just totally an issue beyond repair, I would leave it. You will never be able to duplicate that look. On the other hand, if you have to repaint, that original silver is amazing looking and such a classic for the SC.

How does it ride? At least you're up front about...

I guess the most important question is, "how does it ride?" Love the handling? I'm sure many would grouse about the fact that you took an 80s era Cinelli and used the Pre-Columbus, early decal set. While I'm not sure I would have gone that route, I respect the fact that you are up front about it and admit you loved the original co logos and build.

I have a Columbus Neuron 01 Cinelli SC, made by Giovanni Losa, that's been hanging around my office for far too long. I ride exclusively vintage, friction shifting and all and have just not felt compelled to build this beast. Some day, my curiosity will get the better of me.


wow man!!this bike is amazing!!!
i'm italian,and ypu?


new chrome or polished tubes?

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