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Ridley Oval

Bike tags: Fixed gear | track bike ridley oval awesome sugino mavic ellipse
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ridley Oval 54cm 2009

road bars

ellyps/ FSA


phil wood / Velocity Aero / Serfas secas

campagnolo Record

Flite / Thomson Elite

time Atac

51/17 EAI

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I'm looking at buying

I'm looking at buying something like this. I'm stuck between the ridley and the pinarello surprise. Any advice?

Well only thing I can say is

Well only thing I can say is from the point of view of the Ridley. I love it I've had it for a few years now and I've put it through some shit, it holds up like a beast. Really stiff and really tight Geo. Sizes are weird though, I ride a 56-57cm and this fits me pretty well


Awesome looking bike, seen it on the Veloswan FB page before.

uhhh love it, whats the rake

uhhh love it, whats the rake and head angle?

thanks! rake 35 and angle is

rake 35 and angle is 75.5


Just found my next build idea... I freaking love the geo of this bike....

Great job...

damn dude.

really clean. i really dig.

Nice build.

Looks like your chain is upside down. If you flip it, it will interface with the teeth properly.

I was running it the other

I was running it the other way and it was running sloppy and flipped it and was better. iunno weird


The way you have it in the photos is actually the correct way to run it.

That is unusual. Well,

That is unusual. Well, whatever works, right? Anyway, it looks good and stiff. Ride well.

i almost ordered one of

i almost ordered one of these but i ended up paying only a tiny bit more for my s works frame and since i know nothing about ridley i went with what seemed safe to me. how do you like it so far? i may still pick one up i have th opportunity to grab one for 550 or so

I love it. Really strong

I love it. Really strong stiff frame. I got hit by a car in Sept. on it and it held up great. I'd get it'll last you forever. The only thing is that they fit weird. Mine is a 54cm but fits like 56-57cm. I'm 6 ft and fits me pretty well

Soooooo beautiful.

Soooooo beautiful.



where'd you get those

where'd you get those cadence toe straps? were those some kind of promotional giveaway?

I just ordered them from

I just ordered them from Cadence

check it out here:

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