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2010 Cinelli Vigorelli          Featured Bike! on 02/23/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | 2010 | a.l.e. unicator | more tags >>

Cinelli Vigorelli/52/2010

Cinelli Pepper/Cinelli Pista

Cinelli vigorelli/ cinelli columbus

700c White Aerospoke with dia compe gran ss blue tire

H Plus Son/ Phil Wood/ White vitoira zaffiro

48t black Paul Royal Flush/ Campagnolo Record pista

Cinelli Unicator/ Cinelli Graphis

Cinell toe clips/mks pedals/ALE toe straps/ campagnolo

Paul 48t philwood 17t

more pictures to come. i have a cinelli pista drop bars in case i want to swap them with my peppers.

Hope you guys like it

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What a beauty!

Did you end up selling this artpiece on craigslist? I remember it being up there quite a few months ago.

This is lovely. I'm working

This is lovely. I'm working on my Cinelli Gazzetta build, how do you like that Dia Compe tire?

Ooooh, gorgeous bike man.

Ooooh, gorgeous bike man. Seriously.

this bike is the tits......

this bike is the tits...... frothing.....


This bike is a true street cred machine........


wait, did they model that toy off your fixie?

Hah..That is just his way of

Hah..That is just his way of expressing jealousy over your clean components.
No offense (okay, maybe a little), but you replicated that bike well. I just hope you don't look like him.

what the ahahaha

what the



hahahaha. I can see the resemblance!!! the crankset and grips look exactly the same!!!!!!! yup, I replicated that bike really good. man, if only I have the same seatpost, frameset, stem, bars, wheels, saddle, pedals,and shirt, I would've done a better job.



very good

very good prediction dude, I would definitely just run with my friends while they ride their bike and just keep this bike on my driveway. I do have pretty good running speed anyway. cheers


Nice response – don’t feed into the eternal douche-baggery that is Meathorse


go get your jollies by writing dick comments, troll

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