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Livery Black Sparkle Track Frame

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Livery Design Gruppe Black Sparkle Track / 53cm / 2010

Nitto Classic 42cm 25.4mm Silver Road Bars / Nitto Lugged Threadless Stem

Livery Design Gruppe Track Stem / Chris King Threadless Headset

Origin8 Pro-Pulsion Track Hub / Velocity Deep V Rim / Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Tire

Origin8 Pro-Pulsion Track Hub / Velocity Deep V Rim / Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Tire

Sugino RD2 Messenger Crankset Pearl White / Sugino Bottom Bracket

Brooks White Team Pro CMWC Tokyo / Nitto S-84 Lugged Seatpost

Origin8 Pro Track Light Pedal & Soma Fab Toe Cages

Shimano Tiagra Brakes / Soma Fabrications Urban Cross Levers

Euro-Asia Deluxe Track Cog

Got the frame shipped from Livery Design Gruppe--everything is new on the bike except the wheelsets, which I got from Mission Bicycle Company for my old SE Lager. Love it, though the Nitto lugged seatpost might have to be replaced with one that doesn't go so far back. The bottom bracket shell doesn't look quite right for a track bike--there are openings on the bottom that are apparently for multi-speed bikes (?) but other than that, the frame looks and feels great.

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this persons bike

I like this a lot man. Looks clean, have fun with it.

rad! put a hub shinner on it

rad! put a hub shinner on it like mines and it will be radder!
..........................did you fix your seat angle yet?

Fixed gear....with a rear

Fixed gear....with a rear brake? Why?

So I like having a rear

So I like having a rear brake just in case I feel like going back to freewheel. But see my comment lower--I totally forgot my back rim isn't machined. It works, just squeaks like hell. I almost never use it.

nice for going downhill

its nice to have a rear brake for long descents. or if you are not comfortable with riding fixed yet.


that guy has no idea about the amazing stuff livery is pumping out. Ive been checking out all the popular fixed gear blogs and they are giving livery nothing but great reviews


yeah seriously. i dont think this guy actually ever rides this bike. I mean really rides it. my brooks is actually inclined backwards just a tad because I slip off of it easily even if it is flat because of my relatively aggressive riding position

I ride my bike every day!

Kind of weird--everybody says that I should move the Brooks saddle level or tilt it back, but I feel like I'm falling off if I tilt it back. I rest right on the top edge, though.

I get the impression I must sit in my seat pretty oddly--people are always telling me to change my saddle angle.

This is...

a piece of shit, livery makes awful bikes. They are a bunch of d-bags in huntington beach trying to make a quick buck off the fixed gear community in the area. Everyone out in the orange county area will agree. Just take a look at and check the comments about livery or better yet talk to someone about it on the chat box.

So I just checked out

So I just checked out and and the only comments that come up are just a few people (like four) that have ever mentioned Livery, and only one guy who mentions that the frames actually suck (the rest mainly mention that they're 'posers'). The frame seems totally fine to me, so why are you so down on them?

(orangecounty fixed's internal search sucks, so here's the search results from google:


I'm surprised you even took the time to look. The reason I'm down on their brand is I have ridden with the owners before on group rides through ocfixed. They boasted that they were pro racers from back in the day. They said they had their race bikes hanging in their shop. So one day I'm doing a normal ride from the orange circle to huntington and I decide to stop by their race bikes. I confronted them on the subject. They had no answers. One of the owners even ate shit at the wedge when he couldn't get his feet out of the clips when he came to a stop, which was hilarious. They are just trying to reel innocent kids in with bright colors on their generic frames and components. Most of their stuff is really low quality(rebranded leader frames, generic steel track frames, cranks, headsets, wheels, and so on.) They also produce carbon products which is scary. People out here in orange county who have visited their shop in person are just not cool with the people who run it and the product that they produce. Thats all I can say, your bike looks nice though man, I hope you enjoy it. Ride forever

heheheh...i guess someone

heheheh...i guess someone who rode a leader wouldnt know what a piece of shit is!

My leader

was a piece of shit too. I'm just saying the bikes made by livery are trash, its a bunch of dudes trying to make a quick buck. I'm not knocking the guys build, but he should have gone with a different frame. Have fun bar spinning your bland pista....hang loose bro-sif!!!


nice looking frame and cool componets.......but,were you going for a PRO build or a BRO build look?
i always wondered what using a nonbraking suface rim with a brake would feel like while sitting in that position

Also, what is a BRO build?

Also, what is a BRO build? Do you mean like, frat boy bros? Because I didn't know they rode bikes.

A non-machined rim squeaks like hell

I actually forgot my back rim wasn't machined when I asked for two brakes. I basically only wanted in in case of emergency anyway, so I'm leaving it on, but it was kind of retarded of me (I got the rims a while back, and just got the new brakes).


just because sidewall of rim is not machined doesnt mean that you cant run a brake. look at oh... every rim from the 80s and before. machining does help braking power especially in wet conditions, but you can still stop the bike with a nonmachined rim and a caliper brake.

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