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1978 U.S.S.R. XB3 (Rekord) Track          Featured Bike! on 03/20/2010

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XB3 Track (Kharkov, Ukraine) Frame #109/ 57cm / 1978

36.5cm Nitto B123AA NJS / Newbaums cloth tape / Nitto Jaguar NJS 100mm

Generic cro-moly track fork / Vintage Dura-Ace EX HP-7200 NJS

Gipiemme Tecno 716 Pro 43mm aero/ Gipiemme 16h low flange (radial lace Sapim CX-Ray bladed) / Wolber SL19 700x19

Gipiemme Tecno 716 Pro 43mm aero / Phil Wood custom 16h low flange (2x lace Sapim CX-Ray bladed) / Wolber SL19 700x19

Vintage 165mm Sugino C-11 track crankset (polished)/ Sugino Super Mighty 49t NJS ring / Phil Wood symetrical BB (British threaded)

Cinelli Volare SLX white (perforated) / 25mm Dura Ace SP-7400-B

MKS Sylvan Lites/ MKS clips / ALE Super leather straps / D.I.D. NJS keirin chain / Izumi Gold master link

Vintage Dura Ace NJS 16t aluminum cog / Dura Ace NJS lockring / Kinugawa NJS chain tensioners

With a majority of the components being vintage Keirin, this build turned out to be the bicycle-equivalent of Joseph Stalin wearing a Kimono =P

Interesting fact: "For those that are not Cyrillicly-inclined, the head badge reads 'XB3,' however, the '3' is not a number; it is a Cyrillic letter that is equivalent to the Roman letter 'Z.' Thus, the XB3 stands for 'Харьков Велосипед Завод' which transliterates to 'Kharkov Velocipyed Zavod' and translates to 'Kharkov Bicycle Plant.'"

Special thanks to Luciano, Ben at Velomine, Masashi at Infinity Pilgrim Cycles, and Taylor & Danny at Perry Rubber Bike Shop for making this build possible!

Let me know if you know any history on this frame. Rides great!

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One of the trusted brand

One of the trusted brand name on the race tracks. This is so sophisticated and that very elite if you can show this up on the road.

"works for Alexandra Watkins at"

This frame doesn't deserve

This frame doesn't deserve these components :/

I'm sorry you disagree,

I'm sorry you disagree, Summerway. Admittedly, the frame doesn't have the finesse of Columbus/Reynolds tubing, nor does it carry the pedigree of a racing moniker. However, it holds a fair share of uniqueness and history in it's own right.

The high-quality components merely serve to improve the performance and attractiveness of a 35-year-old machine, making it more fun to ride...which is the whole point in the first place.

BTW, fantastic Raleigh you've got!

For whatever reason, I can't

For whatever reason, I can't see the photos right now. But I added it anyway.

Pretty Russian frame

That would be a nice one to clean up, restore and repaint.

Thanks for the compliment,

Thanks for the compliment, Fuji! I suppose everyone has their own taste, but I've always loved anything with genuine patina (bikes, cars, furniture...whatever). Every scratch and scar has a story to tell...and for me, that's more beautiful than any re-spray could ever be =)


this is by far the nicest bike through out your entire collection, it's the wheels that caught my eyes then the frame and handle bar and seat....ah they perfect for each other

Thanks Mrzen....I agree =)

Thanks Mrzen....I agree =)


i still havent had a chance to see this in person we need to go ride when i get back to savannah


Great looking fixie. Who built your wheels?

Thanks Darrell! A friend of

Thanks Darrell! A friend of mine built the rear wheel, but the front uses the original Gipiemme road hub. (The Tecno 716s used to be road wheels.)

you win

that's impressive!


Nice bike! I have one similar Rekord frame too. Where did you find a suitable bottom bracket? The original bottom bracket thread is 35x1mm so modern bottom brackets don't fit there. And is the axle 110mm or 111mm?

Thanks Syrenius. Your

Thanks Syrenius. Your collection of Soviet bikes is impressive!

My frame is threaded for a British finding one was pretty easy. After doing some research (and speaking with other Rekord owners), it's hard to pinpoint a uniform bottom bracket thread size on these bikes. Some have Italian, others I've heard are French, then those like mine are British. It's also possible that the owners may "re-thread" the BB shell.

As for axle spacing, the fork I'm running is a generic cromo track fork which is spaced at 100mm. My rear stays are also standard track spacing at 120mm. Hope that helps.
Good luck with the build, and put up some photos when you can!


Thanks for the information!

All Kharkov bicycles including Rekord had 35mm BB thread which is unique and that's why it's very difficult to find original bottom bracket for Rekord. So the owners you talked to must've re-thread the BB shell. It's definitely the easiest way. Since I live in Estonia(near Russia) I can use the original thread, but I don't want to use the original BB spindle and crankset, because they are quite weak and crappy to ride with. I also have original Rekord fork and headset which I'm going to use.

I will put up some photos when my Rekord is ready to ride. Here's a picture of the frame and fork Sadly it's repainted, but the original colour was blue like yours.

year of production

take a look at the rear drive-side drop out. there you'll find a two digit year of production.

very, very, very well done. looks fast.
i like the old style decals on it. rare.

Thanks man. The frame's

Thanks man. The frame's going through a makeover as we speak. Check back soon :)


Looks fast & I like paint on it.

Thanks! I'll never paint

Thanks! I'll never paint it....the rust and scratches are perfect :)

Original rust is better than

Original rust is better than the best repaint! Enjoy your bike.


can you tell me brand/name of this fork? Or maybe you can tell me where you bought it or where I can buy one?

By the way I have similar XB3 frame. I'm looking for original XB3 Record fork but without success...

Madzho, when I purchased the

Madzho, when I purchased the frame, the fork was included. It is simply a generic cro-mo fork...similar to those you can find on ebay. You'll sooner find a needle in a haystack than an original XB3 fork, so the cro-mo would be a good option. I used mine in combination with a Tange headset, however I used a TINY spacer (aka strip of an aluminum can) to make the headset fit perfectly. The original headset/fork has a unique "Ukrainian" threading. IF you find an original fork, it had better come with the headset too. Otherwise, it would be useless.
Good luck! :)

Just got one of

Just got one of these!

Hoping to track down a suitable seatpost and get it rolling soon.

Yours looks great btw!!!

Thanks kowarler, and

Thanks kowarler, and congrats! There's not too many of these around :) Just FYI... most XB3 frames take a 25mm seatpost and a French-threaded bottom bracket.

Thanks for the info - got a

Thanks for the info - got a 25mm on its way. It took an english threaded bb - but I think thats the same as french? Needed 'chasing' with a thread cutter though!

Might have to get a B123 - it looks the business on yours!

You're correct

You're correct is in fact English threaded. My mistake :)

I love this bike

but it cries for nicer cranks. Says the shameless aesthetic in me.

I agree 100%. The crankset

I agree 100%. The crankset (and wheels) totally ruin the aesthetic. Luckily this 'Ol Commie is undergoing a complete makeover as we speak. Check back...will be updating soon!


I look forward to it!

From Russia with love!

From Russia with love!

From Ukraine with disdain :)

From Ukraine with disdain :)


I'm way too jealous of this frame. How does it ride? Heavy?

Thanks man. It rides

Thanks man. It rides good...feels pretty solid. It's certainly not the lightest track frame on earth, but it sure is a tank. This Soviet steel is definitely not Reynolds or Columbus tubing! I love it.


this is awesome man once it gets warm we will have to go ride around

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