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Visp, Why not?

Bike tags: Fixed gear | North Carolina | Whoa. | wilmington
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Visp 795 58c 2009

nitto b123 drops/carbon risers, cannondale

stock Visp/ Cane Creek

1990's Specialized/DuPont/HED composite tri-spoke, Velocity Deep-V radial lace to Velocity Hubs, Celeste.

Velocity Deep-V 3x lace to Velocity Hub. Soma Everwear.

Andel/ Shimano.

Velo/ Easton.

MKS pedals and chain/ LOOK.

48x17 FSA, Soma.

Cheeeeap frame but is holding up very solid.
a 'lil on the heavy side for an aluminum frame but its super stiff for sprinting.
The tri-spoke sounds like a helicopter, pretty sweet.

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Im 6.2 34 inseam. I used to ride a 57(c-c) or 60 c-t Kilo tt. With about 5.5 inches of seatpost.

Im looking to pick one of these up in 58. What is your inseam? Im kinda afraid that i will have too much seat post on a 58.

cheap and heavy? sounds like

cheap and heavy? sounds like a decent beater bike that looks like more than it really is. i wouldn't mind having one.

Just out of curiosity

How heavy is heavy? I've been scoping on the Leader V2 for a while, but I'm starting to wonder if I care enough about the extra ounces for 0+ more.


it's prob around 5.5 pounds with frame and fork, but it rides solid.
No creaks or noises that are usually associated with alu frames,
however it calls for a 27.2 seatpost but needs a 27.4., I've been using a beer can shim on my 27.2 and it's working out fine.
The paint chips a lil easy but thats ok because the decals are excessive and powder coating is in it's future.
The rear dropouts are real tight, a little banging of the wheel with fist is usually needed but nothing to worry about.
They run small in my opinion, i've got a 58 and it fits like my 56 Winsor Hour.

more pics to come

cant really tell, but with a better photo, you can notice the downward sloping top tube.
It's prob about a half inch drop from seatpost to headset on the top tube, kinda sweet.
oh, and tight geo overall but no toe-overlap with my 170's and large toeclips, no bar spins with a 700 c though.

really helpful

I've been stressfully speculating on this frame, I'm really glad I got some first hand advice. Thanks a lot.

Do you think it's worth saving a hundred bucks and grabbing this over a Leader?


Oh, and did the customs tax you because it was shipped internationally? They say they'll label it as 'gift' or something so it's not taxed, but no guarantees?

Hope not. If I end up with a customs tax, I wish i got something else, you know?


i've ridden a few Leader track frames and the Visp is the same if not better, straight up.
didnt get charged a customs tax(was for sure worried about that one), but i think your chances of getting this charge is unlikely if shipped to the U.S. It took exactly 10 days to get to my doorstep.
keep in mind: it runs smallll, i'm 6'-0'' and ride a 58 and it shows a lot of seatpost.

Hell yes.

Thanks a lot man. You've totally sold me on this one. It helps to have someone answer all your questions on a decision like this. Ordering a obscure frame overseas, shit made me worried. Anyway, thanks again.

Yeah, I'm shipping to the US. Goin for it!

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