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Makino Fillet Brazed Non NJS Sprint Bike On Fire

Bike tags: Fixed gear | makino suntour superbe dura ace
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Makino 54 squared , year 2000

Nitto 100 , Nitto B125AA , red champ grips

Makino Aero Fork , Hatta Super Deluxe

Suntour Superbe Pro , Mavic CXP12 , Vittoria Rubino Pro 700x23

Suntour Superbe Pro , Mavic CXP12 , Vittoria Rubino Pro 700x20

Dura ace 7600 / Shimano dura ace "zen" olympic ring 49t/ Hatta bb

white Concor Profil , early 90s Kalloy aero post ( campy style)

Time Atac / MKS RX1 , Toshi doubles / Izumi Super Toughness chain

49/17 EAI Superstar polished cog

Sold my Cinelli Mash , and got this recently . Every gusset is webbed, and has a wild flame paint job. It has the more expensive crown aero fork, and all of the tubing is very uniquely shaped. The bike is stiff and responsive. Thanks to Velo Cult for the wheelset. The bike was originally built for H.Ishibashi, used it for Olympic sprints rather than Keirin races. Built in September of 2000.

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shoot, i just cant believe

shoot, i just cant believe that poor bike suffered a fate that horrible.!

man, its so weird seeing my

man, its so weird seeing my old bike being ridden in London now.. Kinda bums me out that it has risers and stickers on it now, and the dude rides like a dummy, but its his and he can do whatever he wants with it . If it fit me, Id still have it .

yeah i saw you riding it

yeah i saw you riding it from afar one time and it looked immaculate.

Poor bike

Poor bike

alright deermatt

you got me. this is an awesome looking bike.

Nice rims! I have the same

Nice rims! I have the same on my Cannondale.

are you

selling this frame on CG? i saw it like 2 days ago, nice frame.

considered it for like a day

considered it for like a day , then took it down


don't sell it

wow. i had no idea what you

wow. i had no idea what you were riding when i saw you the other day. ha. this is wild dude.

I was checking this out too...

...wondering if I could stretch out a little and bear with it being a slightly too large. size argument eventually won. Don't know how I feel about the rims, but that frame is pretty sick.

how can you hate on CXP12s?

how can you hate on CXP12s? not just impossible to find , but some of the best looking hoops ever made IMO

they may look good, and they

they may look good, and they may be hard to find, but they don't look right on that frame.


Yeah some deep-v's with machined sidewalls would look way better!

no deep v's

araya tubulars


I was being sarcastic, as the person who was hating on the Mavic rims has machined deep v's on his bike.

And as sick as Araya tubulars would be, they are definitely not practical for the street.

so what?

yeah, I had machined V's on a bike. that bike was not this bike. if i had THIS bike, I would not have THOSE rims. go back to school you fucking tool.




its like a japanese hot rod. great build!

!!! i almost bought this

!!! i almost bought this thing too, but the wife didnt approve. awesome build, added to the bike porn section!


I'd rather have a japanese track build over a mash build any day! One of a kind with history.. Nice job..

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