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Bike tags: Track bike | 53cm | keirin | njs | Peloton
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Peloton NJS

Nitto Jaguar 100mm, Nitto B123, Champ grips or cheap stem, flat bars, Oury grips

Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

Suzue Pro Max SB laced to silver non-machined Deep-V

Suzue Pro Max SB fixed/free laced to silver non-machined Deep-V

Suntour Superbe Pro 165mm NJS, Old Sugino BB

White Turbo, Nitto Jaguar seat post

MKS Royal Nuevo, Errebi Double Straps or eggbeaters, KMC chain

48x15 EAI cog. Kashimax top tube protector or not.

This paint job will deceive you. In most normal light the frame is silver sparkle, but in bright light it turns moss green. Very cool. This also happens to be the first bike purchased from sashae-framebank.

10/14/06, I put an updated picture on. My street setup.

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pelotons are so sick

pelotons are so sick

got to see this in person!

got to see this in person!

can i spoon your bike?

let me hit that
-kristy xVx


so much finesse

your bike

that is a nice bike! (CLEAN LOOK)


I love Suzue Promax hubs. It's too bad they went out of business.


That thing is phantasmal and completely unlikely looking. Against the water, that shot looks almost digital.

By far the most amazing...

bike I have seen on Velospace. Wow!!! The color scheme looks almost ghostly. When I die I want to ride around the spirit world on your Peloton!!!


Is the shot with the bench in Boston? Looks exactly like Comm. Ave. Oh and that bike is ridiculous. Reminds me of the silver surfer - even with the green tint to it...


no, that's Washington Square Park in NYC.

I just got a new camera and have made some changes to the bike for street riding. I'll try to get some shots soon.



bike could quite possibly be my favorite bike on here. color scheme is perfect with that white turbo. kudos chief.



looks really nice

looks really nice

im dubbing this bike

im dubbing this bike "monochromantic"

I dig it.

I really have to get some shots that show how green the bike can be in the sun.



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