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Colnago Super 1977, Super Record panto         Featured Bike! on 02/16/2010

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Colnago Super Columbus SL / 58 c-t / 1977 (Campagnolo dropouts)

3ttt Mod. Colnago and Benotto handlebar tape / 3ttt Mod. Colnago Panto

Columbus SL with Colnago panto (Campagnolo dropouts) / Black Colnago Headset from the 1978 Cat.

Campa. Super Record with Ernesto Colnago panto / NISI Solidal Super Light / Continental Giro

Campa. Super Record with Ernesto Colnago panto / NISI Solidal Super Light / Continental Giro

Campagnolo Super Record based Colnago Mexico Crankset / Campa. Super Record

Colnago / Campa. Nuovo Record Seatpost Colnago panto

Campagnolo Super Record with Colnago panto, ALE Colnago toe clips and Colnago straps / Regina Extra Oro

Campangolo drilled Shifters / Campa. Super Record front deraileur with 4 holes and 2nd gen. Supoer Record rear deraileur (1978)

Super Record milled brakes / Campa. Record Colnago panto levers (long levers)

Regina CX 14-19 / 43 & 52 Campa. with Colnago panto / REG bottle holder; Del Tongo bottle (T.A.);


I think I should change my bar tape too for the Merckx... Yellow or white Benotto?

Yellow! Zephyrus...


Just a ride

Very nice bike, congrats! 100 % Italian craftsmanship! Just amazing!

My Colnago

here's my Colnago[email protected]/sets/72157625535463498/

is this a 70s International with later 80s gruppo??

something special

Frame is from the mid 70ies. Chrommed Lugs are no Indication for an early "International". The International was first mentioned in the 1978 catalog. Judged by the campa dropouts and by the fork crown the frame could have been made between 1974 and 1976. It seems to me that the frame has been professionally resprayed in the 90ies.

add the bike on velospace -

add the bike on velospace - by the way - it's essential to use unique file names - e.g.: holdsworthyblokeRossinSL1.jpg

Colnago Headset

I have a Colnago International that is blue with a blue/purple Colnago headset that may have at one time been black.

that was a serious parts search

Ok, I keep coming back to this beast as I am thinking about getting one, albeit, an 84-85 Super. I have till 5pm tomorrow to make up my mind. Sadly, I am not joking. Meanwhile, I have frames doing nothing, including a classic, 70s geometry Pogliaghi Italcorse. You have almost convinced me to follow through in our last exchange.

I was marveling at the parts you managed to dig up for this classic. You said it took years and I can believe it. Love the Regina Extra Oro. That Benotto tape is one of my favorites (I actually like the direct feel). Indeed, love everything except not sure about the headset and black brake hoods. Still think you should have gone for the NR or SR Campy headset with the vintage brake hoods, although now priced to Jupiter. Know the EDCO is something else and period but that original Campy just looks perfect on there. Maybe even the gray Campy brake sheath. But I'm nitpicking. That's a lovely ride and goes most of the way to convincing me to go ahead. You need to kick me over the edge... and I live on the beach, too! heh....

- kh

the flaws....

Yes - you are right with your hint, that the headset and the hoods are the flaws of this build. There are some more, which are not as significant...

It is very difficult, if not impossible to find the original Colnago Headset in black as used by Colnago on the 1978 Super. The used EDCO Competition Headset is a Swiss made, high quality substitute for the black Colnago headset. The Headset is made from light alloy, races in ball bearing are ground steel and the nt weight is 113g! Some say that this headset is the best ever made... Edco catalog 1980s.

Because the colour is matching and a super record headset is also only a "substitute" for a Colnago headset I used this one...

...if someone can help with a black Colnago from 1978 - please send a msg.

I love the "aggressive" geometry of the Colnagos. Compared to Pogliaghi and Masi I believe that it is a question of taste and personal dispositions what is preferred. - But I have to mention that I never have ridden a Pogliaghi frame... - sorry


Super Record Colnago

You know, I had forgotten that a "Super Record" Colnago of this period actually came with the black headset. They are so rare to see and the only shot I remember seeing of ANY with this black headset is on the Classic Rendezvous page. I've surely never seen one in person. I have to admit to really liking the white Colnagos. They are very pure looking which accents the lines. Do you have a catalog of the 1978 Super Record with the black headset? Would love to see the beast. Yeah, knew the EDCO was the heat...but still partial to stock NR/SR for aesthetics.

some pictures


Interesting! Thanks, Zephyrus. Do you have any shots of it on the bike in the day? As I stated, only seen it via that one mediocre photo on Classic Rendezvous. Have you ever had the stock SR headset on it? Being a white bike, think it would look sharp. I'm wondering how many of the Supers of 77 came with the black headset?

Colnago - Late 70s Catalog w/Super & Black Headset

This whole time I had one of the catalog shots of what you were going after on my HD and remembered that one of the Bulgier scans carried the same image. Alas, your inspiration for the 77. With the SR 2nd gen RD, of course.

same year, same cat.

compare the deraileur setup with this...

I think that the cat. is from 1978...


1978 Colnago Headset in black...

Update 07/20/11:
Today I found a very rare and missing Colnago part, a 1978 black Colnago headset. Hope to receive the headset soon.

1978 Colnago Headset in black... - (eBay)


this is really nice

have to say it

have to say it - wow!

one of the nicest I've seen

thank you Z.

thank you

stop spamming

Why do you feel the need to update this every day, multiple times a day?

are you wishing for more comments and velo friends?

I updated the pictures

I renewed the pictures several times and corrected some spelling mistakes, to find a perfect setup.

If this is annoying to you, I am sorry about that.

...and yes - I am wishing for more comments and velo friends - one reason to exhibit a bike on velospace.

If a Colnago is "just a bike"

Then you wouldn't have spent the time on it. And if a Colnago is "just a bike", then you are "just a human"...
Nice job on the bike, adding it in to the cluster.
Take it out and ride it, not around the block or for a day but for a weeks worth of serious riding. You'll find that it's not just a bike but an amazing piece of working art.

After 25 years useing bikes

Yes, thats so very true...

just a bike

...and I like it.

beautiful bike. Nothing I

beautiful bike. Nothing I can afford. I really like the bar tape though. Do you know what brand it is?

bar tape

Benotto wax handlebar tape was the Pro's choice back in the late 1970's.




this bike is beautiful

but just to look at. and keep in storage.

"Just a bike" ?!?!?! You

"Just a bike" ?!?!?!
You must be shrooming.

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