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2009 visp

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visp, 57cm, 2009

400mm straight bar, carbon 110mm stem

700c yellow, cst czar

700c yellow, cst czar

white 165mm, shimano BB

46t chainring, 18 tooth rear sprocket

this is my first fixie i built, fell in loke with them in japan on a recent snowboard trip.. so me and a friend decided to build one each..this is how mine turned out.havin loads of fun riding it :)not the best parts but im still a rookie.white oury handle grips have gone on since this photo will upload more soon..hope you like

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very nice

Batman wants his bike back dude...


can someone tell me where i can buy rims different color chains? Or maybe give me a website? thanks

Damn nice build!!

Looks sweet, I just got my white frame through last week and having issues fitting a seatpost too. Knowhere seems to sell 27.4 posts, so making a shim out of a can but not holding yet... just hope the rest goes together ok with no issues.

But screw it, who needs to sit down anyway ;)

Good job ;)

Seat post size?

What did yours end up being? I've heard some complaining that it's actually 27.4 and not 27.2 as listed.

i didnt end up getting the

i didnt end up getting the calipers on it! but yeah that sounds about friend just purchased one and they can't send it because they are fixing the seat issue! i just wrapped some tape on mine and tightened it right worries


Gotcha. So yours was actually 27.4 and you just ghetto wrapped it right?

Either way, I think if I order one, it'll be the one that comes with seat post. Then it won't be a problem, unless the one they give you doesn't fit either... :\


Did customs tax you because it was shipped internationally? I noticed they have some sort of disclaimer at the bottom saying they can't promise they won't tax you.

That would be laaaaame.

na dude, australian customs

na dude, australian customs usually only sting you tax if your purchase is over a grand... so you should be alright :)

I really want one of these

I really want one of these frames. Thinking about chopping up my kilo and using the parts.

Frame size

How tall are you? I'm 6'1 and can't decide whether or not to get a 55 or 57

6ft mate,probably a 57 so

6ft mate,probably a 57 so you dont have to put ur seat post up too high! good luck :)

great bike. how is the stand

great bike. how is the stand over height on this bike? do they run sort of tall?

tahnks, yeah the frame sits

tahnks, yeah the frame sits pretty high,its a 57 but i could of probably got a 55!

great build man! i

great build man! i dig.



yes good value,although you

yes good value,although you can tell they are built in china, welding isnt to bad however it seems a few of the measurements are off! and the seat post clamp is built in and doesnt like to clamp down very easy! all in all not to bad :)


is that.....TRACK?!?!

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