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Commuter Cannondale H400

Bike tags: Road bike | Commuter | Hybrid Cannondale H400 Commuter | Touring
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Cannondale H400 / 54cm / 2001

Stock + Profile Aero bars / Stock

Stock / Stock

Stock / Shimano / Sun Rims / Cross Tires

Stock / Shimano / Sun Rims / Cross Tires

Shimano / Shimano

Brooks B17 (black w/ black rails, not shown) / stock

Steel Cage / Shimano

SRAM Click Grip / Shimano Deore

Shimano / Tektro

Planet Bike Fenders, Bontrager Rack, and all the commuter goodies.


This is my workhorse. Has gotten me through downpours, blizzards, sleet, and ice, all while carrying a load of groceries.

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Nice commuter! Are those 700c wheels?--I am trying to figure the difference between this and my '95 M900 (frame-wise). Is this really a 2001 with the threaded headset? (I suppose I could look at the catalogues for these answers but its fun to ask) Ride safe and ride happy.

Sorry, and yes, they are

Sorry, and yes, they are 700C wheels.

Thanks! That M900 is might

Thanks! That M900 is might fine. It looks like you have thicker tubes, and a beefier fork. other than that, looks very similar. I'm not sure if it is a 2001, since I bought it second hand. I think I based my determination off of a description in, so I may be wrong!

Model Year

Hello Albisylk, thanks for checkin out my c-dale/s and yeah, I think your H400 might be a bit older than you think. Infact, I think its of the same vintage as my M900--a '95 considering the paint-job and the components: a pdf of the C-dale Catalogue for 1995 on page 31 shows your model and that it also came in the silver and blue paint scheme (although I guess the logos are moved around a bit). What tipped me off is the headbadge which was used only for a while in the 90s :-)


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