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eighthinch scrambler V2 REDEMPTION

Bike tags: Fixed gear | b43 | black | bruiser | bruiser fork | more tags >>
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Eighthinch Scrambler V2/ 57/ 09

b witch/ bontrager riser stem

custom painted bruiser fork/ eighthinch headset

b43/ miche/ continental 28

b43/ miche/ panaracer urban max 28

sugino messenger 42T/ sugino

specialized langster saddle/ langster carbon seatpost

odyssey twisted PC W/ hold fast/ langster chain

this is my, almost finished work in progress, im really getting into freestyle so i may be looking into a bruiser frame in the near future but this is the bikes current status. Notice the bent seat rails on my shitty specialized saddle, its going to be replaced by a turbo very very soon.

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How do you like those cranks?

I was planning on picking up a Sugino Messenger crankset/bottom bracket for my Scrambler and was wondering how the clearance is with the chainstay. I've had some clearance trouble with a 103mm length spindle I bought. Having any issues?


to see a freestyle scrambler. im buying this frame next week, ive heard good things for how cheap they sell for


you definetly get your moneys worth, its a solid frame. but im probably swapping it for a bruiser frame.

like the tricktrack

like the tricktrack stickers!


thanks man! i dont even know where to find em anymore, i bought it off a friend for a buck

find em online, i LOVE my

find em online, i LOVE my scrambler.. yeah its a cheap frame, but it can really take a beating. i also have the b43's, i love those too (its funny cause each of my wheels is worth as much as my frame..

but yeah, find em online just google shop search em. best bang for the buck ever

dig it. simple and nice.

dig it. simple and nice.


thats kinda what i was going for, the fruit loops freestyle mix n match gets old on a lot of bikes

Awesome bike! Just a

Awesome bike! Just a question though, did you buy a specific set of pedals to fit your track cranks? I have a set of bmx pedals but they won't fit on track cranks, I think I might need an adapter or just a new set of pedals.


i bought this fugly langster and it had sugino cranks and so i threw em on here, i just threw these pedals on, i had no idea if theyd fit or not, but if your into freestyle and rock bmx pedals i suggest just getting a full bmx sprocket/crank arm setup, cuz ill agree with indian(numbers) bmx pedals look real stupid on track cranks.

Here's a tip..

use track pedals on a track bike and bmx pedals on a bmx bike....problem solved.

friggan sweet. i got a

friggan sweet. i got a scrambler myself how do you like your bruiser fork, i been looking for a new fork that can barspin , but i wanted something a little less like a rigid fork more like a track fork. is that little rise on the fork uncomfortable at all?



awesome, the forks little bit of rise is extremely worth it, the beefiness of this thing is ridiculous the fork is basically bomb proof and looks good too, i highly recomend it.

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