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Crumpton Ultralight

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Crumpton UL Custom with full-carbon dropouts / 56 Custom / 2007 / Frame true weight: 808 grams

Crumpton Custom full carbon Bar / Stem combo: Bontrager Race XXX Lite VR OS base bar, Crumpton custom carbon stem - 255 grams total

Easton SLX stripped and clear coated

Reynolds DVUL / Reynolds / Reynolds / Veloflex Record

Reynolds DVUL / Reynolds / Reynolds / Veloflex Record

THM Clavicula with integrated full-carbon bottom bracket

AX Lightness Endurance Saddle with custom leather wrap / KCNC Ti Pro Lite Seatpost

Speedplay Ti with Aluminum butterflies / KMC X10SL 10 Speed Chain

Campagnolo Record / Campagnolo Record

Zerogravity / Campagnolo Record

53/39 - 12/23 / Carbon-Ti Road Chainrings / Misc: Custom leather bar tape (dyed-to-match saddle), Swissstop brake pads, arundel carbon bottle cages, Extralite "The Head" headset

This is my ultra-light weight road bike - most of the parts are custom and quite difficult to source.

Huge thanks to Nick Crumpton for working closely with me on this project, see his incredible full-custom carbon at

Additional thanks to Jason at fairwheelbikes for sourcing exotic parts:

All told the bike weighs in at 11.9 pounds.

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SO LIGHT! very nice. im all

SO LIGHT! very nice. im all about that lamp though! haha looks fun!

Oh my. I remember lusting

Oh my. I remember lusting after a Crumpton after I saw your post on weightweenies.




Beautiful. Lots of

Beautiful. Lots of desirable parts on this one. What's the weight limit for a rider of this bike? Also, any opinion, good or bad, on AX-Lightness' brakes? I see you chose Zero Gravity, which I also like.

good job mate

good job mate

a destroyer

a destroyer

Why don't you

take a dump before you go for a ride and save more money for less weight, on your bike that would be a 1500 dollar UCI legal crap.

Seriously, nice bike


so obviously the UCI doesn't have a say in how I approach a bike build, mostly that'd be because I'm not racing this thing in UCI sanctioned events.

Of course I'm rational enough to realize that removing 3 pounds from the minimum UCI weight is an exercise in playing chicken with my pocketbook that could far easier be solved , as you wrote, by taking a 3lb bowel movement. This bike is an exploration of weight reduction disconnected from any consideration of an expectation of a quantifiable performance improvement.

Still, the experience of throwing this bike side to side up a 20 degree climb is immensely enjoyable which is only in the smallest way connected to the low weight. The reality is that my goal was to build the lightest bike that still could be ridden without any concern for the durability of the components. To this end, the bike delivers in spades.

like I said

nice bike... (It was a joke mate...)

I know that there are valid

I know that there are valid reasons for the UCI weight rule, but the downside is we don't get to see how light a bike can be with the latest technology and an ample budget. Thanks for sharing your bike, and your experiences in riding it, with us!

Also the innovations you are financing (if nobody buys the lightest, most expensive stuff, it won't get made) may eventually work its way down to us mortals. Alloy components that were limited to professional grade bikes in the 1960s were commonplace in the 1980s.


Well said, sir.

wind handling

The bike is incredibly solid. My previous ride (see my other bike, now in fixie trim) was a Moots Vamoots and this build can only be described as ridiculously crisp and direct, even in the contrast to the Moots.

That said, 46mm high carbon hoops do catch the wind so things can get interesting on steep windy hills. I've topped out at 60 miles per hour on one fast descent here and didn't have to change my shorts at the bottom.

Thanks for the questions.

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