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2010 Cinelli Mash 53 Build Complete

Bike tags: Fixed gear | mash build 53 Cinelli Thompson
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Cinelli Mash 53cm 2010

Thompson / Nitto

Cinelli Mash

Velocity Deep V/Formula/Zaffino

Velocity Deep V/Formula/Rando

Sugino Messenger


Mks gr9/HKK



Bike is fast! Nible, and so nice to ride...still a few things to work out and change, but great ride! Thanks Orange 20!

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how tall are you? how does

how tall are you? how does the 53 fit? im looking for one myself


U got ur Mash since, how tall are u, what size u went for?

judging by the amount of

judging by the amount of post exposed, and length of the stem, this frame looks a little too big for you.


i know that your only hating on this shit because its his first build, and track bike in general but you as well as I, Know you would talk the same shit on someone who posted a Republic bike. Maybe your mad cause its nicer then some of your bikes.

shit looks sick.... loose the velocity stickers (razor blade)

pull ur pants a

pull ur pants a homo....

hey mang
i hustle everyday, how bout u.
got this frame cause its sick.
i got risers cause they work good, drops look dope for sure, but its about go, not looks.
parts I got is what I could afford..its a work in progress

but ur still cooler than me...:)

ur bike is pink, you got no

ur bike is pink, you got no over...LOL


I fuckin hustle all day everyday since I traded me first Ken Griffey rookie card kid........

also your Matthews bike

also your Matthews bike stand is ghetto...!!!!!!!!!!!!

New parts???

On top of Drops he needs new cranks for sure to start, new pedals and straps, back black tire. Fork needs to be cut a bit>>> At least he has a dope chain which is a surprise... oh yeah and the hubs suck!!!!!

yea stickers will be coming

yea stickers will be coming off, also gonna cut more fork tube off and loose more spacers...just trying to find ideal drop for bars...this is my first build, bought a Kilo in Oct last year, came as is, so not really much building with that one...the Mash is work in progress...this bike is a keeper for sure....I pulled peddles and saddle off Kilo to help keep cost down on Cinelli...a budget Mash build it not so easy to do, but I think its good to support your local shop, so all the parts came from there..


Yep, actually second build... I see a mercier here.....

New parts???


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