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Alien + Ankle FAIL!!! - SOLD

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 57cm | alien | australia | b43 | more tags >>
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Alien // 57cm

Unknown steel drops // Win Stem - Sometimes run chop n' flop bullhorns

Alien // Alien

B43 // Velocity // Rubino

B43 // Velocity // Rubino

Alien // Miche

Concor // Nitto

Mks Sylvan // Cheap KMC

46/17 // Surly cog // Toshi straps

Enjoyed building this up and pretty happy with the ride so far. Might look to upgrade the headseat and cranks sometime.

Ankle was an unfortunate biking accident. It's still not great eight months later but getting around ok...

My dog is a Border Collie named Skip!

Update 19th May 2010 - Saddle & seatpost changed up...

Parted out and sold July 2010. Switched to the FTP. Much tighter and lighter ride!

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nice ride!

cute dog.


Thanks! She's getting on a little and slowing down a bit these days. But she's a great dog.

Frame Color

Hey dude, is that a white Alien frame? It's hard to tell from the pictures, it looks like it almost has like an off white color to it in some of them.

Either way though, your ride rules. I was just curious because I'm ordering a frame and can't decide on which color to get.


It was just a plain white frame. Probably just looks a little dull in the pics. Has a couple of new additions so I might post an update with some new photo's soon.

melbourne bro

i live heaps close to there!


Right on!

How tall are you bro?

How tall are you bro?

About 178cm I think

or 5'10 or something.

alright. It looks like

alright. It looks like you're about 6' though with that seatpost


Well 6 foot is only 182-183cm so I'm not that far off. But yeah I always prefer a fair bit of post showing...maybe I've got long legs!?

Ride slow and safe.

Unlike the asshole who trashed you for the ankle injury, I dont try and be cool a JAM across town like a lot of fucking retard faggots on this website.


you are so cool.

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."


Thanks for that you asshat...Actually this bike wasn't even built when I had the fall and the bike I was riding at the time had a brake. But then a brake really would have made no difference at the time. What might have helped was me not being totally pissed whilst riding!!! Anyways please go back to setting land speed records at your 'drome.' Just be careful not to go too fast or your pretty pink paint might start flaking...

Ouch, dude.. thats a painful

Ouch, dude.. thats a painful lookin' X-ray. Sweet lookin' Alien makes up for it though. Get well soon.

Very painful!


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