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Faux Little Indy!

Bike tags: Single speed | cutters littleindy
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56cm Schwinn World Sport circa ~88 or so



something horrible

3 speed nexus hub without gear changer parts




It's a three speed hub, but it's stuck on the lowest gear and Etcetera

This is a bike I put together for {content} to emulate the Roadmasters used in the Little Indy 500 to complement my, "Cutters" ala, "Breaking Away" costume for a alleycat in Denver put on by the Denver Film Cycle.

To do that, I basically stripped everything from the bike and put on a Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub with a coaster brake. I didn't hook up the gear shifter bits, so, even though the gear ratio looks sizeable, it's probably something close to... say, 2.3:1, which, *wasn't* the best for an alleycat, but whatchagonnado?

Like a lot of my bikes, this one really doesn't exist anymore -sure a piece here and there, but in total it's gone: I had to give the back wheel back to its actual owner.

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