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SOLD // '92 cannondale track

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cannondale track // 54cm

profile design air wing bullhorns - chopped, velox cloth tape // moots titanium stem

wound up composite fork, threadless steel steerer // 1" chris king titanium nothreadset

phil wood low flange, carbonite bearings, titanium cups and bolts // radial cx-ray // reynolds strike // continental race

phil wood low flange, carbonite bearings, titanium axle, cups and bolts // 2x cx-ray // reynolds strike // continental gatorskin

shimano dura-ace 7600 crank arms // phil wood magnesium-titanium bottom bracket, carbonite bearings

selle italia flite, titanium rails // thomson masterpiece setback

time atac, carbon // sram pc-7x

17t phil wood slr cog, phil wood titanium lockring // sugino zen racing chainring, 48t // mks chain tensioner

frameset sold.

current track bike: specialized s-works langster


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this bike is the sex

this bike is the sex




how heavy is it? looks light..


around 13lbs with the carbon.

66mm on gatorskin

Wild. I had the same setup on my IF. Mad wind effect on the hard skinny rubber.


i honestly think this is the sexiness bike on here, i love old c'dale tracks. and that wound fork and moots stem is killen 'em! and cant forget the reynolds wheels!!!

very nice build man, very nice!

is this your daily? or just for fun?


thx. not my daily, but ridden hard in the off-season.


Your bike is sweet, anyone with a Black anodized wound up has there
hat on what...0 since its custom right?



Your wheelset

Your wheelset is crappy...

Après Moi le Deluge

on your old wheelset, how

on your old wheelset, how did you like the b43 compared to the veep? which would you suggest?


the b43 is heavier, that's for sure. a lot more durable too.

k. is the durability worth

k. is the durability worth the extra weight?

holy smokes. those carbon

holy smokes. those carbon rims are super dope yo.

you ever miss your samson. i gots mine nearing its final stage soon. i was wondering if those is clinchers and can you buy the carbon rims a la carte and build them custom?

also, how do you like those low flange phil woods?


sometimes I miss my samson, nothing rides like steel does. but when a cdale track popped up in my size, I knew I had to jump.

yes, these are clinchers. they're road rims that I had relaced to custom drilled phil wood low flange hubs - I like the hubs a lot. great wheels, love them more than my kids. except I don't have any kids.

if you ever want to sell the

if you ever want to sell the frameset or just the frame lmk

ill take the fork

ill take the fork


That fork looks really weird, yet at the same time, looks awesome

Ratio, blood.

no more 53-19's?



back to basics, 48x17.


thats moots stem alone is tits... still miss the pista... the C track looks super proper.



what happened to the original fork?
congrats by the way!
cdale track for life!

I still have it. threw on

I still have it. threw on the threadless setup from my samson for kicks.



I want one so bad. How tall

I want one so bad. How tall are you? I'm wondering what size I need. I ride a 54cm Bridgestone. I'm 5'8. Thanks !

Hey bud

Hey man im about 5,9 and a 56 frame fits me fine

Everybody is different

You have to measure your inseam. You might be able to find this measurement inside of your jeans. Then look up what size you should get. No need in spending quite a bid of $$$ on a hunch that the bike MAY fit you.



Wow, I think this is the

Wow, I think this is the nicest Cdale track I have ever seen on these here innernetz.
Moots + Woundup is fukkkkin SEX!

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