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Textima track         Featured Bike! on 02/2/2010

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Textima track frame. Made for GDR national team


Campagnolo vento

B43 rim with Halo Hub

Campagnolo Pista

San marco on Campagnolo c-record seat post

BLB with straps and clips


In the mid 70ties the GDR state-directed sport organization decided to put all relevant critical functions for success in cycling (and probably in other sport too) together.

Under the lead of two MD's the leading heads in training methodology (and probably more) an engineer who builded frames in the early 70ties and Paul Rinkowsky all technical activities were centralized in Carl-Marx Stadt (today called Chemnitz again).

All bikes, wheels and gadgets for the GDR national team were made in the basement of the TEXTIMA Nordstasse facility . TEXTIMA is short for the brand name 'TEXTIle MAchines' a company which made sewing and stitching machines under the central guided / controlled economical system.

Why in the basement? Very simple! It's to keep the technology secret and to extend the time till it's copied by 'the friend' (means the Russians) and the West.

The activities faded out in mid 1985 and were relocated to FES in Berlin because the age of disk wheels and monocoque carbon frames began to dawn.

All GDR frames and forks are filled brazed a technology to reduce weight and to achieve maximum stiffness of the joint. The second reason to revive this brazing technology was quite simple no lugs which needed to be purchased in foreign currency and which were often not available in the very uncommon angles required for the new designs.

The bikes were equipped always with Campagnolo top of the line components. The management of the cycling federation decided to deny an offer from Shimano to sponsor the national team and continued to buy Campagnolo components. The reason was allegedly that according to an internal statistics the failure rate of Campagnolo was significant lower in this point in time than Shimano's.

To complete the bike it was custom to use Cinelli bars and stems, if not made to measure bars and stems were made by the TXTIMA technicians, and Cinelli Unicanitor Bufallo saddles for the road and Cinelli Volare or Concor for track events.

The TEXTIMA technicians designed the low-profiles with the bar attached to the fork crown with made to measure bars to adjust the geometry to the rider and event. Both wheels have the size of 27”. They introduced the low pro's in 1980
From the beginnings they made the 3 main tube of the triangle oval. Later the oval tubes got extended to the seat post which is machined from a solid block of Aluminum and welded to a two-bolt Campy cradle cut off from a stock seat post.

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Fed Bike

Er det dig der har stellet til salg på dba?

My back!

My back!

Love it

Wow I love this bike.
I want to see some track drops thrown on there just for fun hahaha.

saw this frame on ebay...

saw this frame on ebay... awesome

i have a feeling that is

i have a feeling that is dangerously close to the front wheel

Coolest frame around.

Coolest frame around.

I think the frames history

I think the frames history is so exiting, that i wouldt post it here without it

If i remember to get someone to take a picture, ill post it

please post a picture when

please post a picture when you're riding that bike. i'm curious how it looks.

I agree, very cool bike.

I agree, very cool bike.

thanks for the history

thanks for the history lesson! =)

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