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fuji faxed

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fuji track

synergy or risers


aerospoke lavender

aerospoke purple


fizik seafoam colored

mks track


newly painted...small brown bike. with a r.e.load top tube pad, switch between straight bars with oury grips and these synergy time trial bars. painted aerospokes and matching fizik saddle stickers vittoria tires.

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makes me miss my fuji :(

makes me miss my fuji :(


very nice setup!

love custom paint

i had the brown and sky blue for a while. loved it


Dude your bike is godly, plus I love the decals "bike."


looks sick!! those aerospokes are very pretty.

small brown bike

i'm glad you made reference to small brown bike, because that's the first thing i thought when i looked at this!


do people still like that band?

*edit: just kidding.. to each their own.


hilarious...i guess...nah




this is one of THE DOPEST bikes ive seen.

Damn! thats just risky!

Damn! thats just risky! looks sickness tho!!!

ube - icecream - fixie!


finally someone put the aerospokes on the front and back!
it looks much smoother. Nice build.

chocolate and mint?

if that's brown and turquoise how it looks, it reminds me of an Andes candy. I could go for one of those right now. while riding your bike. wearing brown and teal. brown shelltoes with teal fatlaces. if i were a stupid hipster. but your bike is good the way it is. it just makes me want Andes chocolates.


Nice build! Don't see many Fooj's tricked as such.

those aeros are rad

love the brown frame with those aeros. in the face of war is good, but so is haste the day.

small brown bike


small brown bike

i'm with you on this one, jeff. also, I wish I could watch video of someone doing tricks on that bike. Those blue aerospokes would film so well

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