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Colnago esamexico pista

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Colnago esamexico pista with ESA Colnago tubing 59cm 1988? (6 ribs on the tubes not 4 like master pista)

ttt with colnago bartape / cinelli

colnago / campagnolo pista

Campagnolo c record sheriffstar / mavic ma2 / vittorio rubino

Campagnolo c record sheriffstar / mavic ma2 / vittorio rubino

campagnolo pista 170 / campagnolo record pista

rolls / campagnolo aero

mks (will be replaces with campagnolo trackpedals when they arrive) / did chain

52/16 campagnolo chainring / campagnolo cog and lockring

just changed the cranks to some c-record ones.
I was browsing some Colnago brochures and found out what i thought i had was a master actually is an Esamexico because the tubing has 6 ribs instead of 4

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Colnago Esamexico Pista

vs Rednecks. Hehe...beautiful bike.

colnago? are you a retard?

colnago? are you a retard? thats clearly a shitpile that you got from bikesdirect. at least put the ebay decals on straight you dipshit. every fucking part on this bike reeks like a spoiled slice of kraft singles. man, this is insulting to look at. take this shit off the internet. better yet, take yourself off the planet. if you ever show up in my hood with this shit get ready to get mashed like a baked potato.

first of all, you guys need

first of all, you guys need to put down the gun. secondly, the kilo's have a WAY different set up than this. not even their cheap lugged frames match up to this. you can tell this is a colnago from just the forks & dropouts. AND you can see the clover cutout in one of the lugs (barely because of the angle, but it's definitely there). and if you know colnago & their history, you'd see that they did in fact have an esamexico model with this exact frame set up. you should get your facts straight before you hate on someone's bike. makes you look like an ignorant dumbass if anything.

yeah sure i guess

yeah sure i guess bikesdirect sells frames with crimped tubing and colnago clovers in the lugs, dont worry about me showing up in your hood, i will never ever go back to that stinking fucked up country of yours that cant even handle toiletpaper

Um, yeah... no

It's easy to see that you are a swine with a stick of butter stuck up your ass. Sliding around on that cheap seat telling everyone you have a Colnago frame is like serving ants and saying it's caviar.

Start farting blood you pussy.


funny you come up with

funny you come up with farting blood, experience?

This is beautiful and so

This is beautiful and so clean!

Tight, tight, tight..

front wheel clearence.. love it.
first yellow bike i can appreciate!!

Front wheel clearance?!?

I dont see any!

thanks, its my favourite

thanks, its my favourite bike

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