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Ricardo Elite

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Ricardo Elite 58.5cm Tange Champion


Tange Champion

Shimano 600 EX Ukai

Shimano 600 EX Ukai

Shimano 600 EX

Brooks B-17 / Tool Bag Shimano 600 EX

DMR V8 Sachs

Big. Growls like an EH Holden and I cant keep up.

Solid as. Used to ride a Ricardo Elite as a courier in Sydney – my first roadie. Smashed it into one of the concrete planter pots outside 259 George. Found this one on eBay in Adelaide so I had to have it. Like being reunited with an old friend. It is fast, and comfy. Can't help likening to an old EH on the Great Ocean Road... The last pic is a portrait I did of it. I do portraits of my bikes so I can look at them while I'm upstairs and they're in the garage. Yes it's a perfect candidate for a conversion but you know what? I LIKE gears. At least that's what I keep having to tell myself...

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I have the same model. I inherited it from a family member. Unfortunatly my seat post is stuck and it is a little too high for me. I have recently changed the headset stem and bars to flats so it is more comfortable for me to ride. I have a lot of rust but some recent rust removal, detailers polish and Mothers Crome and Alloy polish has improved the rough diamond and she does ride well.

Giant Boulder and Ricardo Elite

What kind of down-tube

What kind of down-tube shifters are those?

oooh.. Ricardo.

now there's a brand you don't see much of online.

I'd love to pick up a mint old Indi 500 myself. Seen a few verge frames but would only bother if I knew where to get some repro stickers

Indi 500

Thanks Humber! Whats an Indi 500? A Ricardo? They're funny old bikes, there's plenty of them around but impossible to find out much info on them. This is my third, I should make a pilgrimage to Adelaide and see what I can see... How's Perth?

old eighties Aussie 10 speeds

indi 500s were pretty much every where I remember growing up through the eighties and the tail end of my high school in the early 90s. They were a cheapish 10 speed. Though my steed at the time was a Repco Traveller.

From the components you list for your Ricardo, I don't know if the indi 500s were as well spec'ed. Here's one on FGG I just found;

this ones paint at least looks in good nick. I didn't realise they were made by Kuwahara until recently. I associated that name with the original BMX fad of the early 80s (BMX Bandits! - Nicole Kidman as 17 year old with boofy hair anyone?)

I just recently got a pang of nostalgia for the Indies when picking over a few old junk bikes on people verges in my suburb and surrounds solid waste collection looking for a 1" threaded stem of the right length for my thrasher.

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