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Fifty Buck Chuck

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Trek 400/ cm/ 1985

Parts bin bars chopped down/ stock stem

stock/ stock

Amelia ebay wheelset

Amelia ebay wheelset

Stock/ stock

Felt (ghetto white e-taped for now)/ stock

stock/ KMC


Dia-Compe 500/ cheapo parts bin BMX

stock 40t for now, I'll buy a bigger one later/ Origin 8 bolts


I've wanted to try a fixed gear for a while so I did some Craigslist shopping for a good candidate and found this thing taking up room in a dude's garage. He got a new Huffy mtb and quit riding it. haha! Took it home for and blew it apart for a thorough cleaning and regreasing. I had already bought a cheapo set of flip flop wheels with tires on ebay for 0 shipped. They aren't anything fancy but they'll do for a beater. I spent a few hours in the living room with metal polish and reused as many parts as I could. I got it put together and I used a Felt saddle that I had lying around but it was black, so I wrapped it in some white electrical take to get the idea of what it'll look like. One of these days I'd like to have the seat re-wrapped in white suede or leather. I've always wanted to cord wrap a set of bars so I gave it a shot on this bike with some white cotton cord. If figured if it's good enough for Rambo's knife it'll work for this whip. I can't wait until it warms up so I can ride this thing, the trainer is boring!

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saddle conversion

Try Fabric and Vinyl spray paint on the saddle (DupliColor). You can find it at auto parts stores. I know it sounds dumb but its amazing how durable the stuff is. It bonds really well and stays flexible.

This is completely awesome.

This is completely awesome. I wish my trek looked like that, but i have to run the seatpost all the way down as its too big for me.

Looks good.

I like the cord wrap...I also like the 80s Trek roommate has a real nice one from that era. Throw some drops on there though. It'll look classy! You'll probably want toe-clips and straps...especially for bombing hills.

Thanks fella! I've had the

Thanks fella! I've had the cord wrap idea in my head for a while and I was glad to get to try it out. Once I ride it a bit we'll see how it holds up. But for worth of cord and about 20 minutes of my time it's easy enough to redo. You're probably right about the toe-clips, but I think I'll take it easy on flats for a while then throw a set of clipless pedals on it. I've got the stock drops if I ever want a classier look, but I always ride on top of the bars anyway.


sweet...I'm looking to get double sided spds for my ride; nothing fancy. I've never ridden clipless before and I feel like its time.

I highly recommend

I highly recommend Eggbeaters. I've got some Candy C's and they were about and they are great.

Nice build, have fun!

Nice build, have fun!

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