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Cinelli Mash

Bike tags: Fixed gear | cinelli | mash
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Cinelli Mash 2009 - 58cm

Cinelli Lola/ Cinelli Ant

Cinelli Mash

Dodici to profile - Specialized All Condition pro

Dodici to profile - Specialized All Condition pro

Miche Primato Pista

Specialized Alias / Pro PLT Carbon

Campangolo / Gusset


47 - 18


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Curious, how can you go

Curious, how can you go "fast" on a 47-18 ratio? Pink makes your bike slower too bro.

Very Nice Build. I find the

Very Nice Build.

I find the speed of my bike is directly proportional to how fast I pedal......

Cross Caps

I like the valve caps; pinks nice too...sweet.

I see lots of people on here

I see lots of people on here that usually call their bike fast,
but riding 47/18 isn't really all that fast in my humble opinion.
To any retort anyone may have, my BMX bike has a higher ratio.


no matter how much I don't like the Mash frame,I promise your bmx does not go faster than this bike.

I completely understand

I completely understand that, but what I am saying is that the ratio itself, not the wheel size, is baby cakes.

what are you talking about?

maybe 47/18 is somewhat on the low side (i run 44/17 on my everyday bike), but i call you do not know what you are talking about. the wheel size has everything to do with it. everything else being held the constant you+bmx=48.3gi -- [email protected], psilos79+mash=68.3gi -- [email protected]

which seems more baby cakes

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."


Yay! Kewl bike too

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