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my bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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after some mods

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love the bike and the picture!

Leash your dog you ass.

Leash your dog you ass.



Absolutely Beautiful. An inspiration.

Great attention to detail, artistic photography, very original and personal. Bravo!

Finally Some Imagination!

Excellent Photo :-)

We agonize over our bikes and then all too often the portrait is in front of a garage door.

haha awesome photo

haha awesome photo

this is awesome. .

this is awesome. . .seriously.

ninja sword

your handlebars and stem look like a ninja sword by the way you wrap them!


Your bike looks like a ninja.


That bike screams STEALTH!

my bike,

actually stem adjustment isnt to bad.... do it once and forget about it :-) If you like my photos you can check out my flickr. Thanks alot!!

Im not really sure why i wrapped my stem, maybe i was drunk and then woke up the next day and was like... uuuhhh... hmmmm.... i like it :)
Plus it feels nice in my hands. Thanks everyone.

This is by far my favorite

This is by far my favorite photo series on Velospace! The second photo is sooo good.

Really nice bike setup. Love the stem wrapped haha.


I'd love to be near this wall! All photo's should be taken here!

You look so happy to have

You look so happy to have your bike finished!


slick ride! good luck adjusting the stem!

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