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Bianchi with Campy 1980's

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Bianchi/54CM/1980's/Columbus SLX Tubing

Bianchi Chrome/Campy

Mavic GP4 Rim, Dura Ace hub

Mavic GP4 Rim, Dura Ace hub



Look pedals



Campy double

Garage sale find.....

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Oooo, Deltas

What's the tubing? Is there a decal with a model name on the frame? Bigger photos...

From the Delta brakes (assuming they're original), I'd guess it's from somewhere between 1987 and 1989. The celeste decals on a celeste frame is unusual; I've never seen that in a catalog. has an assortment of early-mid '80s catalogs that might give you a hand with dating. Unfortunately, late '80s is kind of an information wasteland; there's no websites with solid info.

I have an '88, and I share your pain. I've also added you to the Bianchi di celeste cluster.

More information

Thanks for your input! The bike has Columbus SLX tubing. The paint color is not the traditional celeste - it's a little different. I bought the bike at a garage sale and so don't have a lot of info on it. I'll try to add some better photos.


One of the scary discoveries you'll make that there really isn't a traditional celeste - some years are lighter, some are bluer, some are grayer. I hear from local Bianchi dealers that Ed Litton (a high-end framebuilder/refinisher who works about eight miles from me in Richmond CA) is the guy Bianchi USA has designated for warranty repaints, because he has samples/formulas for all the celeste variations.

SLX is probably on the later/pricier end, which would match up with the Delta brakes; the Deltas were the calipers in the Record and Croce d'Aune gruppos (the top two Campagnolo gruppos from the 1987-1993 "C-Record" era). If you post a photo of the crankset and the rear derailleur, I should be able to identify the full gruppo from those. Photos of whatever pantographing/engraving is on the frame, stem or seatpost should help, too.

Thanks for the great info

I added some photos. I can't find any model info on the bike.

Hmm; big diagonal decals...

I've never seen those before. The usual '80s DT/ST marking is a block of diagonal stripes in varying widths.

The cranks are Record; you can tell by the "hidden hole" (the fifth hole in the chainrings mounts to the back of the crankarm). The rear derailleur is first-generation C-Record (1986-88), with the logo engraved into the case. Later Record derailleurs had a more rectangular case, with the Campagnolo name laser-etched on in black.

The Bianchi USA office is in Hayward CA, about 15 miles from me. I've found that if you email them and send a bunch of pictures, the receptionist will look through their collection of old catalogs to try to identify a match.

Thanks Eaglerock

I appreciate all the info - glad I posted a photo!

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