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60s Schwinn Twinn Tandem

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Schwinn Twinn

Off brand 26"

Off brand 26" coaster

Messinger rear, Bell front (looking for a nice replacement)

I need some GEARS! Holy crap this thing is murder on teh hills. I think the whole setup with 5 riders, tools and food for an afternoon trip weighs close to 500 lbs. I have added a front brake for obvious reasons. I can make sharper left turns than right (there must be a good zoolander reference there somewhere) and I need a reasonably wide street to make a U-turn.

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What's with the black dots?


Looks like SLC.

this is pretty epic.

and how they filled so many cracks on your street.

I gotta do this!

I've got the exact same setup in my garage but I've never hooked them together. Yours looks much better though painted all the same color.

The Package

Kemmer, I just received the messenger bag. Looks great! Thanks!

schwinn twinn plus

this is too good for words.
i wish my twinn looked that nice.

this is awesome

this is awesome


gears would be useful. but make sure you get an honest day's work from your two stokers!

the set up is all wrong..

You need to be in back sitting in the hauler. See that second picture, your daughters posing for the camera. If you were in the back you could keep a watch over things and keep the lollygagging to a minimum.

*keep in mind that this post is purely sarcastic. Epic family, and much respect for pulling this off. I'd be a wreck worrying about the kiddos.


Actually the little stroker is a pretty good worker. Sometimes when I pull just her with a regular bike I stop pedaling as a joke. Sometimes it takes her a while to notice and she will push us both along for a block or two!

damn dude

your legs are going to be hoodge

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