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Bike tags: Single speed | tallbike
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My first foray into freakbikedom. Fun, but too short. It's still the tallest thing in town AFAIK.

People who friended this bike kw, TOMMY G, tallbike, EBOT, jimbot

Sweet. isn't that a pain in

Sweet. isn't that a pain in the ass to get on/off?
And also, weird to balance?

yo kemmer long time no see

lookin real good there buddy


What's up man? I haven't logged in here in ages, how have you been?

yer face

looks awfully badly photoshopped onto this pic.. i'd like to see you riding this bike in a different pic if ya don't mind...

drink fast, pedal slow

two pictures aren't enough?

Does my sarcasm detector need calibrating or something?

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