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Colnago Super rosso Saronni 1979

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Colnago, Columbus, 55 cm, 1979

Cinelli, 3T

Colnago, Campagnolo Super Record

Nisi rim, Campagnolo Super Record hub, Vittoria rubino

Nisi rim, Campagnolo Super Record hub, Vittoria rubino

Campagnolo Super Record

Turbo saddle, Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Super Record, Campagnolo nuovo Record

Campagnolo Super Record

The bike that I love the most...when i'm riding it, I feel like it is part of my body...
Purchased two years ago at a very low price, actually it needs to be restored a little.
Maybe the frame needs to be repainted and the seatpost it's literally stuck to the frame because of rust...tried several methods to unstuck but no's seems like welded to the frame (any tips??)
I've purchased the Super record rear derailleur to match the whole Super record gruppo (to be mounted).
This bike has been used to race in L'Eroica the most famous historic race in Europe that took place every year in Tuscany, Italy.
More updates soon...

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Year of manufacture ...

There are some indications that 1979 is not the year of manufacture. The decals with the champion-stripes were used after Giuseppe (Beppe) Saronni won the 1982 World's, in England, at the expense of Boyer and Le Mond.


Maybe you're right...

Maybe you're right... I'm not so expert in Colnago timeline models...
But according to various examples that I've found on the web this bike should be a '79 maybe '80 model...the problem is that there isn't a serial number stamped on the frame or some kind of detail that shows something useful (maybe I can't recognize it).
The only thing that helped me was the fork: it's a flat squared head one...later '80 models have a more rounded "aero" fork...(ehm..sorry for my awful terms :-D )
What do you think??
Thanks in advance.


Love this....


My favorite Colnago color scheme. Congrats!

Thank you!

Thank you very much!
I agree with you...This is my favourite Colnago color scheme too and i've been very lucky to find the original factory color scheme used in those days...


have you tried a light, penetrating oil?
put a cheap saddle on it for leverage and keep trying to turn it.
might take a few days, but if it's not completely fused it'll give


Thanks for your advice...
Actually I've tried something very similar to what you have suggested...I poured a lot of penetrating oil from the bottom bracket and waited 3 days... but when i've tried to turn the saddle i've been afraid to damage the frame...believe me, I put a lot of strenght but the seatpost didn't turn and the frame started to bend too much so I gave up...i think the only chance left is to cut it like suggested in the Sheldon Brown site...

no no don't cut.

Maybe you will have to cut but I would keep at the penetrating oil. Do another round of it just like you did from the bottom bracket (try the liquid wrench brand oil). Let it set for day upside down. Then flip it back over the next day and attach an old crap saddle. The next part some people may disagree with but has worked for mew everytime. Get a rubber headed mallet (mole whacker style) and pound the nose of the saddle. I usually do 3 smacks from the left and three from the right, until I see the post turning. Then I grab it by hand and turn it hard back and forth until freed. Every frame I have done it with can take it, the seatpost junction is pretty strong on a bike.

a couple more tips...

Put a little penetrating oil on the top side too around the lip. It helps. Don't forget to loosen the seat post bolt all the way out, again it seems to help. Lastly once the seatpost is out make sure to clean it off with some steel wool and a little smearing of oil. Good luck! Nice bike!

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