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Silver Leader 721TR

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Leader 721TR / 54 cm / 2009

Deda Pista Drops / Avenir

Bontrager Carbon Race Lite / FSA Carbon Fiber

Swobo stock ///Continental Tire

Deep Velocity /// Continental Tire

Sugino Arms & Origin 8 Chainring

Selle Italia SLR / Stock



Originally painted black, but the paint was stripped off to make it look more silver.

I re-painted it white.

People who friended this bike cannonhugodale, CONDENADO, mafffoster, monster

Leader hate is

just like a truck. Keep on truckin' boys!

why all this bike hate

why all this bike hate

God, I'm sorry but that

God, I'm sorry but that photo is just really disgusting me! It just blows my mind that someone would have that many of almost the exact same track bike! WHY?! It's sooooooooo stupid and pointless! First off, people having several track bikes with all the same purpose is stupid. Second, you REALLY could have a super nice high-end track bike if you did not waste all your money on all those exactly the same, lowend frames.

Ugh. Such a disgrace.

You are an idiot

You are an idiot. Why do you care so much about someone elses bikes. As you said, "It's sooooooooo stupid and pointless!" To me it's sooooooooo stupid and pointless you made that comment. You should be disgusted with yourself for putting someone down like that. Ugh, you're such a disgrace.
As for the bike, I like it. Beautiful machine.

This website is for giving

This website is for giving comments, both positive AND negative. I'm not giving "hate" or putting someone down, but rather hopefully constructive criticism to hopefully wake this kid up to the fact that no one needs FOUR nearly identical Leader track bikes, when they could have purchased just ONE really nice track bike.

I'm not trying to say what to spend your money on or anything, just making a COMMENT, like this website is intended for, because unfortunately, this website is just not for getting little pats on your back to make bike ego feel good.

i will argue

that maybe they aren't all his bikes. maybe he lives in a hipster house and all the residents are constantly trying to one up each other with street-cred. that being said, maybe he doesn't and i totally agree that having 17 identical, low-end "track" bikes is hilarious and stupid. But, then again, i carry 6 iPods with me at all time with the exact same music on each of them just in case the batteries die and i really need to listen to Deadguy.

you have six ipods with

you have six ipods with deadguy on all of them also... thank god. I was worried i was the only person... but without fixation on a coworker, i couldn't get through the day.

They all look like the exact

They all look like the exact same size. I doubt everyone in a household would all ride the exact same small size.

SIX Ipods?! Jesus christ! How about just carry one and a charger, or one of those battery chargers. Haha. They must all be old for the battery to die that fast. I have a new 120 Classic and the battery lasts, using it a few hours a least a week or two.

I do NOT own all of the

I do NOT own all of the leaders in the garage. The only one I own is the silver one. The other three are my three cousin's. We keep our bikes in the same garage because our uncle has all of the bike tools, parts, etc. I still wouldn't mind owning all of them, I could just sell the others at anytime to build up a better one.

i was only kidding about the iPods!



I think its perfectly fine making bikes. even if its not all that fancy. aha a bike is a bike.

confused... so very confused

confused... so very confused

Your rear axle is about to

Your rear axle is about to fall out the back of your track ends! Jesus. Yet it's really close to the seattube. Fucking Leader's and their fucked up geometry. I cannot believe you have so many of these crappy frames! For the price of 4 shitty Leaders you could have bought a really nice frameset.

leader love

damn you really like leader
me too nice bikes

wait do you really have 3 of

wait do you really have 3 of the exact same leaders? or are those roomate's bikes?

the two black leaders in the

the two black leaders in the back are 720TR's. the white one is a 725TR.

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