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grey Moyer Track (xD)

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Moyer track

Nitto B-123 (38cm), Shimano 600AX stem w/ hidden binders. Shellaced cloth tape.

Moyer fork, Campagnolo Record 1" threaded

Velocity Fusion / Phil Wood high-flange track

Velocity Fusion / Phil Wood high-flange track; fixed/fixed

Campagnolo Record Pista cranks (165) and ring (49t),Campagnolo Record Pista BB

Brooks Swift Ti, Campagnolo Athena post

MKS Sylvan, SRAM PC-1

Phil Wood stainless cog, 49x18

This hand-built, custom Moyer track frame was completed in Feb. '07, and was on display at NAHBS 2007 along with several other Moyer bikes.

- Painted by Keith Anderson, with the infamous DuPont Imron.

- The rear track ends are vintage Campagnolo, and are ridiculously massive. They were donated to me by a friend who had been saving them for years in a parts drawer in his garage. I sent them to Whitney and said, "can you build a bike around these?"

- The lugged stays were a unique touch of Whitney's; meant to compliment the beefy track ends.

- Dedacciai tubing, Henry James lugs

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Peter White says

"You tend to slide forward. You end up pushing against the handlebar just to keep yourself on the saddle. Get yourself a saddle you can sit on so that your pelvis is resting on a level surface. For most saddles that would put the nose of the saddle a bit higher than the rear."

also, who gives a shit? this bike is really nice

You have great taste...

Moyer builds some seriously nice machines and your's is at the top of the list-great idea about the track drops!


Just saw your bike on the Moyer website. Clean and Classy!

Yummy Roll

Our bikes should mate. Keep me posted on how that paint holds up. Gonna need to get mine redone soon, Dave Sem must have trained in Italy...

thanks, hot red Moyer

yours is a daily working bike, correct? I would look into something really hard and nasty, like Imron. Now that Whitney has a spray booth at his new shop, maybe those guys could work something out for you?

My cheaply painted Italian DeBernardi was powdercoated because it had a paintjob that was about as thin as fingernail polish... but powdercoat can never look as good as paint, unfortunately. -b


yr bike is really really gorgeous


you should check out the bar tape by brooks, it'd match your saddle splendidly


Those m bosses are classy. And foget the hate, this isn't a message board, it's a love fest.

Re: Gorgeous

thanks a lot! I agree, I come to this site to escape the forum trolls myself!

Saddle angle is killing me,

Saddle angle is killing me, and all of fixed gear gallery.


Ridiculous comment.

The only thing that we can

The only thing that we can gather by the photograph is that is how the bicycle is ridden. And if you feel that the saddle angle is appropriate then your understanding of correct saddle position is askew, admonishment.

The owner of the bike has posted that the saddle angle has sense been adjusted.

Persistently posting your dated URL in comments is ridiculous, and your understanding of my comment as well.


this is why the FGG forums are ridiculous these days. A few regulars who, for some reason seem to be held in high regard for their supposed knowledge of what bikes *should* look like, have everyone brainwashed into this mode of sniping and egotism. It's sad, because for years, it used to be a great place to ask questions and learn things... now it's a pointless bitchfest.

Saddle angle...

thanks for the concern, however:
1) this photo was taken before I even picked up the bike, therefore it's angled more dramatically than I would normally ride it (but not far off).

2) anyone who rides a Brooks should have the nose tilted up a bit anyways... otherwise, you're constantly sliding forwards.

3) I could care less what folks from the FGG think.


The peanut gallery always has to find something to nitpick about. Since the bike is about as perfect as one could get, the only thing they could find was the seat angle.

I'm no NJS/Keiren dude, but I do see a lot of racers with the nose of the seat up a bit. Also have noticed this on a lot of frame builders personal bikes.

Now that we've got that cleared up.... how 'bout them toe straps. They don't even come close to matching the honey brown of the saddle and bar wrap! Blasphemy! Someone needs to write about that immediately in some obscure bicycle message board!



sorry about mind fondling your bike.

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