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hetzjagd pursuit fixed

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polish pursuit

unknown rizer at track nitto b127 / syncros

bk carbon / fsa the pig


dura ace 36° lanced to polish deep-v clone

anodized campy pista 165 / capy centauer

flite / syncros

welgo with mtb cages and selfdoubled straps / industrial chain

50x18 at track 14-15

solid and fast -> perfect work horse

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SExy......... End of Story

So, I keep coming back to this bike.. I love it... I have done some research on it and found out the polish company stole the design and layout from another company...

But, who cares... This bike is HOTT.. I WANT ONE

Fuckin cool

Thats a sick build

god that wheelbase is

god that wheelbase is tight

lovely bike, how do you ride

lovely bike, how do you ride with that pedal clearance?


for sale?

That is a really cool frame.

That is a really cool frame. Makes me even more anxious for my Broakland Pipebomb. Can you suck the rear wheel in more on that, or does it hit the seat stay or BB before getting to the seat tube?

how did you

double the straps? ive been tryin to figure out a way to do it, jw. sweet ride.

This is...

This frame is from a Polish company called - OSTRO - , and this is TORRO model.


totally gnarly!


dont you all wanna see it in action?? *drooling*


such an intense frame. all black is the way to go

absolutely my favorite bike

absolutely my favorite bike on here that I've seen. Where'd you get the frame from? Do you live in europe?

do you find that the front

do you find that the front wheel is too close to the front pedal?
Fantastic bike in any case, my favourite


where did you find this frame? i suppose i'd have to come to europe to get one.


half GT, half KHS, half crazy pursuit. love it

holy sheet. there is

holy sheet.
there is ridiculous and then there is this bike.
keep up the good work, i approve!!!

What is that hanging from

What is that hanging from your stem?

Nice build! I am thinking about going blacked-out on a future build too.

friendship bracelet

its an friendship bracelet from my girl against car doors and other risks

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