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Kickbike Millenium Racer

LP Composite Carbon Fiber riser bar and Easton EM90

Profile Design BDC Carbon Fiber fork and Chris King headset

Spinergy Rev X 700C n HED# Carbon Fiber wheels, Campagnolo Record front brakes and Campagnolo Record skewer

Stock kickbike Rims, Paul's Motolite rear brakes and XTR skewer

Manual Labor - Push Power !

No need to SIT on this Baby here!

Leg Powered - N/A

XTR Brake levers, ODI Grips, Kool Stop Techtonic pad, CIUSSI Inox Elite Cages n' Toolbox water bottle

PROJECT: Y2K BIKE. Replaced all components except for the rear wheel and frame. Pretty AWESOME, I might say. My first serious daily FIX ride. It's a SERIOUS cross-trainer not for the faint of heart. - peace out!

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waist of of hed.3
who ever this thing belongs to is a fag

Whoever made this comment is

Whoever made this comment is probably a Raider's fan


got him!
good one dawg!
lol..that sht made my night..


now that's just cold.

Jealous Turd ! Check-out my awesome rides ...

You're just jealous because you can't afford it and you're fuckin' LOSER! LMAO - jähzorn


how insightful.

this kickbike?

what a KICK!


They make that available with a fixed gear?

This bicycle definitely epitomizes the true essence of a

This bicycle definitely epitomizes the true essence of a FIX GEAR. No mechanical gizmo but just plain HUMAN LEG POWER. - Have a SAFE n' FUN RIDE ! jähzorn

Completely and utterly

Completely and utterly ridiculous!!! I love it! I gotta try this thing out next time im up there.

Come'on down n' i'll let u

Come'on down n' i'll let u ride this up on Sweeney Ridge! hahahaha - jähzorn

Just added this to my '10s' cluster!

Original and slightly crazy :>)

Coolness ...

Coolness ... Much Appreciated !


i love your stable. it's so bad ass.
post some action shots; i wanna see this thing burn.

This is so awesome. We just

This is so awesome. We just recently had one come in that the guy wanted worked on, and I got to test ride it. So much fun. I could be on one of these things for so long!

You have some intense components on it. I bet you can fly with it.

yea' it's really amazing the

yea' it's really amazing the ride of this bike. Brutal going uphill though. But I just love the BURN ... jahzorn

so do you just push with

so do you just push with your right leg? Or do you alternate for an even work-out?

Sorry for the late responsed ...

Yes, you have to do the same amount of kicks evenly for both legs, otherwise you'll end up having another leg bigger than the other ...

- Have a SAFE n' FUN RIDE !

Nice touch with the

Nice touch with the Spinergy, haha!


Thanks, This was just a rush pic, i'll be replacing the pictures tonight.


that is far and away the weirdest thing i've ever seen. i guess it's for hill bombing? I have no idea, just... wow. do you still have/ride this?

i'm a hipster

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