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Cinelli x Mash

Bike tags: Track bike
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Mash X Cinelli . 58cm. 2009

Thomson elite x2 70 / Profile Cobra aero wing

Cinelli carbon

Mavic ellipse / continental gatorskin tire

Dura-ace (njs) 36-hole hub laced with hoshi spokes to mavic open pro rim / continental gatorskin tire

Sugino 75 / Sugino 75 (unsealed = no rain days)

Concor (suede) / Thomson masterpiece

mks rx-1 (njs), soma cages, toshi doubles / izumi

gunmetal sugino 75 chainring 49t, phil wood sprocket 17t

Rear wheel, rx-1s, and rare chain ring all care of the lovely guys at bomber pro keirin track shop in fujimino city, Saitama. Parts straight off of old keirin rider’s bikes.
Light as hell. Handles great. Can’t really ride it on the street.

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you can ride that on rainy days.

That bottom bracket would take you 20 minutes at the very most to take out of the bike, clean, and regrease. You don't even have to do it after every ride. I used my sg75 bb through a good part of denver's winter and spring last year in snow and rain regularly and cleaned it maybe once a month.

This frame was designed for riding on the street.
Plus, gator skins would blow on the track.
Most tracks also won't let you use bullhorns. Track drops are pretty much required for almost every event.

So you can't ride on the street and you can't ride it on the track. What do you do with it?

well I intend on using it on

well I intend on using it on the track once I get some drops. I am aware of the rules for using drops on the track. It would probably make more sense to get a sealed BB if I'm going to ride it on the street. the rear hub is also unsealed. my friend's DA hubs are all rusted up from riding it in the rain.

I suppose I do intend on riding it on the street, I'm just going to be careful to avoid rainy days and use my other bike for those.

I didn't know about the gatorskins on the track... so thanks for that information.


Yeah a sealed bottom bracket is nice, but certainly not necessary. Once again, if he was willing to maintain the hubs and regrease the bearings, that wouldn't have been a problem.

Fair enough.

Get some high tpi open tubulars with a diamond tread. It will create a better ride quality and give you more traction on the track. Keep the gator skins for the street though.

word. good shit, man

word. good shit, man

Why no street?

why don´t you go on the street with the bike? just track use?
i guess it´s the most beautiful mash i´ve ever seen!

No street? So where do you

No street? So where do you ride this at?

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