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affinity lo pro winter pursuit cross beater

Bike tags: Fixed gear | affinity | fenders | pursuit | winter
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2008 affinity lo pro, medium

44cm italmanubri super training

surly crosscheck/cane creek s2

joytech track/alex dc19/cheapo 35c kendas (ritchey speedmax coming later)

joytech track/alex dc19/cheapo 35c kendas (ritchey speedmax coming later)

sakae CR 144 BCD/truvativ sealed

WTB rocket v/kalloy generic

shimano pd-556 MTB

old school shimano cantis/cane creek scr-5


i was hit by a car while riding this bike after owning it for only 3 weeks. i replaced it with a new frame and this sat in my closet for a few months. i noticed that it had room for larger tires in the back and decided to make a winter bike out of it. the downtube is ever so slightly bent, but with a new fork, it rides just fine.

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This looks fun and

This looks fun and functional! Glad to hear you are on the bike again after the accident. My lo pro frame is just sitting around right now....hmmmm......

the rear will fit up to 40mm

the rear will fit up to 40mm tires for some odd reason. with a new fork you could easily have a trick track or fixed cross bike.

I like it!

To me this is what fixed gear urban riding is all about. Not tarck shit, but solid, functional and (yes!) beautiful.

That's the strangest build

That's the strangest build I've seen in some time.
Canti brakes + pursuit frame + full fenders + knobby 35s + road cockpit + fixed wheel = a little bit of all worlds.

ha! sweet!

very interesting to see this frame built up like this, nice work!

How were you hit by a car?

How were you hit by a car? They didn't see you or were you crazily riding? I've been riding a brakeless fixed for about a year and had close calls but never got hit. I wonder how much it hurts and feels. Just wondering. Lol. Hope you're doing better though ! Careful out there guys !

i was riding along on a

i was riding along on a fairly empty street when some cell-phone wielding moron ran a stop sign and i nailed them before i had a chance to even react. i usually make it a habit to make eye contact with whomever is at the intersection, regardless of who has the right of way, but i slipped up and was consequently rewarded. luckily, i was going fast enough that i did a full flip in the air and landed on my feet sort of, but my feet did get ripped out of the toe clips, which must have hyperextended my ankle or something. as a result, my ankles still hurt to this day on occasion. (5 months later) the worst effect of being hit by car is not the physical pain, but the incredible fear that comes from almost being killed and then finding the courage to venture out on the roads again. it really takes the fun out of riding when you're always nervous.

Of course. Makes sense now.

Of course. Makes sense now. Talking on a cellphone while driving. I'm happy to hear that you're ok. I would imagine it scares you a bit afterwards. I'm pretty sure that will slowly slip away. Hope you feel 100% soon. Take care !

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