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my new bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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from a kids bike - ns

stevens pista - unknown

peregrine 48s - h+son - schwalbe stelvio

unknown - h+son -schwalbe stelvio

shimano 105

from the same kids bike - gipiemme

shimano - khe


hi to everyone reading! i got this bike bike from the place where i buy my bikes(oh. .i have a bike shop by the way) and i stripped it all down, sanded it, re-shaped it in different places, painted it and build it as my fixed gear. almost everything else was also sanded and painted, or polished, or just changed to a shape i liked more. it was a looooot of work, but im really happy with the result, and i was as close as possible to actually BUILDING my own bike. well, thank you for reading and checking the bike out vitor

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I can't understand a word of what this guy's saying but I do like this bike. LOL, the saddle made me laugh..


fkn nice! smooth frame (literally)


Nice bike, good looking and very original!



Fuzzy Seat

Needs some Fuzzy Dice!


i really like how you made

i really like how you made the frame look

no! i just did it on mine!

no! i just did it on mine! . ... hummmmm actually, i build one maybe half an year ago where i also did it like that when i took the picture to show it to the guy who ordered it. . .but apart from that one, no!

I don't understand what your

I don't understand what your saying, did you or did you not reshape this bike in some places like your notes said?

Wow! That bad boy is

Wow! That bad boy is amazing.



sick! but what do you mean

but what do you mean you changed the shape?!?

new bike

man, if you'd have seen how the frame was before. . . . . . it had vertical dropouts, a lot of holes for water bottles, baggage carriers, cables. . .really, i literally re-shapped it! the rear hub was also. . .re-shaped, and the stem also. the pictures were too big, but i want to make them smaller and put them here also.

what do you mean the rear

what do you mean the rear hub was "reshaped"?

well, basically there were

well, basically there were some holes on the flanges that i didnt like so i made them different. i made more holes and connected the whole thing. so now there 4 big holes instead of the 8 small ones. it s weird to describe, i can take a picture of how it looks now so you can see.i think it looks better, and thats why i did it.

sounds dangerous

sounds dangerous

noooo, not really! if there

noooo, not really! if there someone who doesnt want to crash because of a bike failure its me!! i'm a bike mechanic and i have a bike shop so i think i know what im doing!:-)

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