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Yamaguchi Aero Track(HOME)

Bike tags: Track bike | Yamaguchi Aero Track


Black Nitto bars and stem

Yamaguchi fork & CK black headset

Velocity Aero black and Phil low flange hub, laced 3x

Velocity Aero black and Phil low flange hub, laced 3x

Sugino 75 black and Sugino 75BB

Black Nitto & Black Kashimax



All done.

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what kind of bars are those?

those are nitto rb021

those are nitto rb021 bullhorns i think

we should ride sometime! im

we should ride sometime! im in sf! haha if you every want to sell this frame ill be here! this is my dream bike

Great Frame

Love the geometry of this frame, simply amazing! Where did you get a hold of that?

So sick !!!!

So sick !!!!




yeah...i probablly wouldnt ride that anywhere. hang it on the wall.

Nitto Bars?

How do you like those Nitto Bars? I am thinking about throwing a pair on mine.


: a person or thing without an equal


shes a beauty!

No flash, simply stated, a

No flash, simply stated, a stunning bike

very nice

one of the cleanest rides i've seen in awhile


It is! You should be proud.

Esthetically perfect.

Esthetically perfect. Definitely don’t put risers on it!

soooooooooooooooo tight!

soooooooooooooooo tight!



I think we share a bike taste gene

got the same group coming for my pursuit

Black Nitto Group

Sweet! That group looks killer and it will def 'mean up' the yamaguchi a bit.

we are gonna have the

we are gonna have the shortest stems on the block! or did you cancel?

drops, man, drops

for the love of Pete don't put risers on this masterpiece



anodized moustache bars! :P

anodized moustache bars! :P

Someone, somewhere rejoices

Someone, somewhere rejoices thinking that they, themselves, have killed it.

And then this comes a long.

More please... more.



Exactly what you needed. Another killer bike.


love the frame color. sounds like a sweet build

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