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gt gtb

Bike tags: Track bike | GTB
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54 gtb

Nitto Jaguar. nitto alumi black drop bars

carbon 1" threaded fork, dura ace headset


philwood/mavic open pro

75 grand mighty, s-cubic chainring

nitto sp72 post, flite TT saddle

mks sylvan, mks clips, toshi double straps, hkk vertex chain

47 16/17 philwood , eai gold medal


that's my frame!

you live

in san marcos? ive seen this bike. butterrs!

54's look small!

How tall are you? I'm buying a 54 GTB this week and am starting to think it might be to small. I'm 5'10"

ya im thinking u need a

ya im thinking u need a 55-56.
im 5'8'' with 32" inseam.


Did you get those hubs custom drilled? Are they phils or are they gromada/macks? They look amazing, let me be the first to know if you ever sell them, or ive got tons of cool shit to trade too!


they are mack 24/16 spoke.


clean and shiney! I don't mind the risers, actually.

thanks guys

yes i know riser bars, only thing i had left . goin for some nitto rb pursuits.

Bravo dooder - Your GTB is

Bravo dooder - Your GTB is looking pretty sick, but for a beast like that don't you think a pursuit/track drop is in order next?

why does everyone hate on

why does everyone hate on risers so bad anyway? i ride a bike professionally under the best and worst of conditions and having tried every common bar type i can't think of any bars i'd rather be on than risers for comfort, torque when starting from a standstill, and keeping my head up to see traffic. unless this thing only gets ridden on the track, i say let the man have his risers.

trust me..

he's got plans. definitely knows what he's doing.

Keep the silver.

It looks amazing.

holy fuck

holy fuck


those bike stands are cool



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