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Colnago Sprint

Bike tags: Road bike | Colnago Sprint Campagnolo Ambrosio Record Ofmega Tubular Pantographed Blue
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Colnago Sprint / 58cm / 1985

Cinelli 3ttt

Colnago chrome / Colnago

Ambrosio / Campagnolo Record 36h

Ambrosio / Campagnolo Record 36h

Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Record

Some jerk etched 'Ernesto Colnago' on every component of this bike.

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Beautiful bicycle!

Good to see another Colnago Sprint on here. I just acquired one of my own a month or so ago. They're beautiful bikes.

I think yours might be a little bit older than mine... mine has a 600 6400 Ultegra group on it, not pantographed like yours.

Nice ride

It isn't unusual to find Colnago pantographed components on these especicially in the 80s models. I'm guessing that this is around 1988. Better close ups and tubing information would help. Adding to the cluster.

nice flask

nice flask

you have colnago components?

you have colnago components? ;-)
brakes are 2009? what happened with the original ones?
anyway...nice build!

The headset is stamped

The headset is stamped 'Colnago' all the way around, and from my understanding is pretty rare.

The majority of components are pantographed 'Ernesto Colnago' and were supposedly manufactured by Campagnolo.

I've only been riding this for two months and can't seem to find much information on it. Any insight would be helpful.

Sprint w/Ofmega Ernesto Panto

It appears the Colnago Sprint was a mid-level frame with a mixture of SL and Cromor although this is unclear on exact mix. It's not the full SL option that you saw in the regular Super, however. From what I've been able to ascertain, the Ofmega "panto" stuff was made to also give Colnago more room at a price point since Campagnolo of that era was $$$. Love the color and patina of your Colnago. Dont ever repaint. Fine as is.

dude its a colnago , welcome

dude its a colnago , welcome to the club



Amazing bike, location, and

Amazing bike, location, and photos. Bravo

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