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'75 Schwinn Sprint Swiss themed SS cross bike

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1975 Schwinn Sprint frame saved frome the trash pile ... wood vinyl covering

chopped drop bar, shellacked cotton tape/twine bar wrap

Chocolate Velocity Deep V , crow's foot laced to SRAM Hub brake (drilled and polished), custom cable routing

Velocity deep V /Sturmey archer SS drum brake (polished), crow's foot lacing, custom cable routing

Sakae crankset... Shimano UN-52 BB

Chopped Brooks champion Flyer

2 tone chain ... for the swiss touch


Saved this bike frame from the trash ... decided to go for a swiss themed cross bike since I am swiss and I just think the flag looks really neat when surrounded by nature ...
This bike is responsible for adding the "swiss" freetag.

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Love the vintage vibe of this bike!

on a side note: I had one of those stems & it developed a crack on the bottom side where it's welded. Luckily I caught it before it Caught me! Check it every so often. Be safe & enjoy your bike! It's super cool!


I will check that stem carefully. Love the bike...just super simple maintenance. I use it to go around at work...


This is one of my favorite bikes on velospace! Hands down. Hey what size tires are you running?


Thanks, glad you like it.

Thanks, glad you like it. Tires are Richey speedmax 700x32.


neat! woodgrain looking sweet.

wood grain Velocity rims

I don't really understand how to actually get any, but velocity's website has some wood grain rims that would go pretty nicely...not that the chocolate don't look good.
the whole page is here:

i really don't understand how you got the woodgrain vinyl on there so perfectly, pretty amazing...

That is cool as all heck ...

That is cool as all heck ... wish I had known about those ... the chocolate does go with the Swiss theme though ... I guess I could try and wrap the rear with contact paper as well. I really need to finish that build ... didn't really have time to polish the rear hub yet.


Very interesting! I like it!

Is that just standard wood grain contact paper?

How did you get the vinyl to conform to the curves on the fork? Heat gun?

Yes, it is off the shelf

Yes, it is off the shelf woodgrain paper...It took me a couple of tries to get the fork right. The secret is in where you start...after that the vinyl will conform to the curve once stretched...

new pics!...

this bike is beautiful!


i have been reading more and more articles lately about bamboo bikes.every time i read an article your bike pops into my mind. have you thought about taking on a project like that? i'm pretty sure you could pull it off with your build skills.

ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.


i'm confused though.

are they 27" or 700c wheels/tires? if they are 27" tires, where'd you get knobbies?

drum brake up front?

is it heavy?

i do love this bike though

they are 700...but

they are 700 ... but I had 27 w/ knobbies before ... I can send them to you if you pay for shipping (barely have 15 dirt miles on them).
Drum brakes up front and back ... still need to update the pics though since the rear rim finally matches the front. Overall bike is definitely NOT on the lighter side of things but that wasn't the point to begin with. Just wanted to try ... I may upgrade to a lighter frame once I am done testing the setup ... assuming I am happy with the setup.

my cross bike has 700's on

my cross bike has 700's on it. my beater 27" road bike doesn't have much clearance and the wheels are doo doo anyway. thanks anyway though.

cool project

love the bike. i really like the front hub and brakes. good luck finding the parts you want. keep us posted on your progress.

ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.


It's a lot of fun to ride too ... also get lots of confused looks from mountain bikers as I pass them ... A wooden road bike? ... with no brakes?!!! and no gears???!!!

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