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Estasia - '88 Cannondale ST700 build

Bike tags: Road bike | cannondale | ST700 | Touring
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1988 Cannondale ST700 - 25"

SR (420) / SR (100?)

Cannondale CroMo with low rider thru fork mount / Specialized (sealed)

Phil Wood/Mavic MA (36)

Phil Wood/Mavic MA (40)

CODA triple with CODA cartridge bb

Mundialita / Sugino SP-K

Suntour Command Shifters (7sp index/friction), Suntour X-1 rear / Suntour FS-E Lite front

Dia Compe 500 calipers and non-aero levers (bronze)

52/42/30 and New Winner 13/15/17/20/23/26/30 freewheel

Finally built, I've changed my mind again on the wheelset, didn't think that I had a need for a second (or third) fully loaded touring bike, but I love these touring frames. I'm building this as it was intended as a medium to heavy touring bike with the 36/40 spoke Phil Wood wheelset. The only real difference is the sidepull (vs canti) brakeset although the Dia Compes are very strong. All that's now needed is a new set of tires.

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I don't get on here much but...

I was on today and checked out your build, very nice! Did you do the MRT? How do you like your shifters? I have a pair I plan on putting on my 85 Voyageur.

I plan on doing the MRT from

I plan on doing the MRT from Muscatine,IA to St Louis,MO in October. I love the shifters. Greatest thing since sliced bread. They're close, but out of the way. I wouldn't hesitate putting them on your touring bike.


You have a fantastic stable of bicycles, and this dale fits in perfectly. I really appreciate each and every bike you've posted.

Glad the shifters are working well :)

Thanks much

Thanks much. I'm just waiting for weather to improve and the finishing touches to be completed on this. Not so pleasant to ride when the mile and a half to the pavement is mud. My maiden voyage this summer will be the MRT (Mississippi River Trail) from here to St Louis. ~250 miles. We'll see how it goes and I REALLY want to see how I like the shifters in operation.

Almost there

It's coming together, picked up the new hubs and rims this weekend and now have to build the new wheels. Decided I didn't like the looks of the Phil/Mavic wheelset so the new ones are Avocet LF/Matrix Titan. I've decided on a Sachs/Huret chain and Panaracer Pasela 27x1" tires. This is the way it's gonna look (Titans are dark grey).


ive been enjoying watching it come together...its maiden voyage must be sooon!

I'm waiting for the crank and bottom bracket

But if we continue to get the ice and snow, that maiden voyage will have to wait for spring. This morning was -30 windchill besides the ice and snow...

Pressing the headset

Pressing the headset tonight. Thought about going with the Tange, but didn't like the black with the new colors, so was going to use a Zeus HS and BB.. Not sealed. I'm going to use a Specialized HS and probably BB with a Specialized crank.. More pics to come.

Last coat of clear

Put the last clear coat on it last night. Looks even better than the 4th pic. I'll let it cure and then begin the slow process of building it up. I'm stoked.

hoo hoo

looking good... I cant wait!


'Can't wait to see this built up, no rush though of course,-hah!

What did you use to strip the cdale? ...One of the industrial companies I do work for powdercoats regularly and I've toyed with taking advantage of them: maybe have an old SR stem done in white or if the Cinelli gets banged up somehow :-)


Paint removal and application

I removed the paint with a simple electric pad sander. The places I couldn't get with the sander I blasted with a handheld sandblaster I have at home. Still took ~25lbs of sand. Even though the frame was 21 years old, the paint was still very resiliant.
I used 3 coats of red (or blue), wet sanding by hand with 1000 grit in between coats. The third coat was wetsanded and then I applied the decals (3rd pic). The last pics were with the first clearcoat and I'm planning on the second within the next couple days. There was at least one week between each coat.
I've heard that the anodizing of parts makes it very difficult to powder coat them, so you may ask before you head down that path.

Something perhaps to

Something perhaps to consider next time is a chemical stripper like Klean-Strip Aircraft Remover. It's stinky to work with, but effective. It can be painted or sprayed on. It works on powdercoated frames, too.

Chemical stripper

I've never tried chemical strippers partially because you can't "feel" the project while you are working with it. If you check the left chainstay in the sequence you'll see a hole that the previous owner had let the tire rub into the tube. It's repaired along with every other imperfection that was found while removing the paint mechanically. I like to get the feel of what I'm working on. I finished my '55 Farmall tractor last year the same way. Thanks for the tip though.

Farmall 55? Looks like the bike will match!

So the bike will match the tractor, eh? What model Farmall? A 300? I've got a 41 H and a 49 Cub.

I love the C-Dale frames -- super stiff, and the geometry is much to my liking. I repainted one this summer and stripped it with the aircraft paint remover -- .75 a can, took 1 can, and the paint was 100% off in 20 minutes. Then I sanded the frame by hand for 1/2 an hour, applied etching primer and 3 coats of flat black enamel.


'55 Farmall 300

It's a 300 that I traded my '49 H for. The paint IS almost the same color and I played with the idea of making it (decals and all) a Farmall, but couldn't go through with it.

Decals for old Clydesdales

The guy who runs vintagecannondale sells the decals for the older cdrives. I've worked with a lot of decals and for any Cannondale enthusiast out there I will tell you that these decals are very high quality and worth every penny he asks!

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