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Colnago Master Olympic Pista/55/ January 1993

Cinelli (old logo)

Colnago Pista, Campagnolo C-record

Campagnolo C-Record 36h pista HF, Mavic MA 40 and DT spokes/ 20x622 Grand Prix

Campagnolo C-Record 36h pista HF, Mavic MA 40 and DT spokes/ 20x622 Grand Prix

Campagnolo Pista C-record (165), C-record

Concor Profil, Campagnolo C-record

Campagnolo njs C-Record track, Campy njs toe clips & Campagnolo track-straps/ Wippermann

50 x 18/ Campagnolo Pista/ EFJOT

state of art

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Beautiful Work of Art.

This is a fine build.

With these colors

It was not easy to find the fitting parts like the rims or the saddle but now it looks fine to my opinion. Thank you for the compliment!


one can tell thought went into building it.

Congrats! the nicest pistabike I ever seen here! This is my favorite color scheme, I just LOVE IT and I love Colnago Masters of course.


...and I love them too!

I like the sloping top tube.

I like the sloping top tube.

Hah! Second time I am seeing

Hah! Second time I am seeing such a comment..Good job invisible bike stand.

...but the frame

is sloped. You can see it on the new pic.

A slice

of heaven. Wow.

Might be the most desirable

Might be the most desirable bike I have ever seen.

Thank you! It's a honour...

Thank you! It's a honour...

Was dänksch eigentli vo

Was haltisch eigentli vo "skin-walled" reife?

Au schön =) S'git leider

Au schön =) S'git leider fascht keini meh...

i just jizzed

i just jizzed

Beautiful frame. Flatten

Beautiful frame. Flatten out your handlebars. Also, would look vastly nicer with silver rims.

the obvious choice would be

the obvious choice would be silver rims but the dark grey imo looks so much nicer with both the wheel and bike build. Also, it doesn't look like most other builds out there. I wouldn't change a thing.


Thank you for your commment, you're so right! I tried out silver rims and the result was not as good as with the actual built. It was not easy to find a solution for this special frame with all these colours and I guess now it's quite good. You admited that point what makes me happy!

haha, flat handlebars :-D

haha, flat handlebars :-D


You're free to built up your bike as you like - so am I. The only thing I want to change are the cranks; they should be C-record...

they are

C Record

C-record cranks

...finally! The comment is of an older version.

My dream bike!!!

My dream bike!!!

A dream

...who came true to me - one of the best bikes I have!

i will deliver

as many packages as it takes to get this bike

I would club a baby seal for

I would club a baby seal for that bike !!

That is sick my friend!

But I still laughed my @ss off!

Sex on wheels!

It's Colnago's that put the 'porn' in bike porn!

when I grow up I want a

when I grow up I want a colnago.

nice ride

Oh lord won't you buy me.

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Colnaaaaaago?

My friends all ride Pinarellos, and I must make amends.

Worked hard all my lifetime, no help for my friends,

So oh! Lord, won't you buy me a Colnaaaaago?

:-) this so much!

:-) this so much!

diggi sach :-)

diggi sach :-) hesch sicher e vermöge für d sheriff-stärn ussgeh...aber chic isches...

ä glains Vermöge ka me

ä glains Vermöge ka me sage - ha drfür au öbbis vrkauf und drbi wider eins gmacht, denn glichts sich us :)

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