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totally ridiculous bridgestone keirin track

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bridgestone njs 54.5x54

alum nitto jaguar track 110mm 58degrees w/ chopped alum risers

bridgestone njs w/ hatta swan super deluxe njs alloy headset

promax njs 36h to velocity deep v 3x

promax njs 36h to velocity deep v 3x

dura ace 7600 series 167.5mm crankset with sugino 49T zen ring, dura ace 7610 njs cartridge bottom bracket

selle italia turbo on dura ace 27.2 seatpost

mks gr-9 pedals with powergrips, sram pc-1 chain

dura ace njs cog 16t

3 reload top tube pads, oury grips.

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What did bridgestone ever do

What did bridgestone ever do to you?I am gonna friend it for future references.

it's like the time I vomited

it's like the time I vomited a slushie

and I agree, may as well get some anodized cranks. I had some on my old bike and a middle guy told me they were rad! not being sarcastic

This bike is soooo sick.

This bike is soooo sick. Love the crazy 80's color scheme.

I'm a big fan of the risers with the drop stem - it looks bomb

but come on, man, a plain silver crank???? get some color on that.

I bet you wore one of those

I bet you wore one of those wide ties back in the 70's?



i bet you still do :P

i bet you still do :P

the first of many... funny

the first of many... funny listening to all the shit talkers below, most of whom probably hadn't even laid eyes on a track bike until the last year or two. nostalgic.

whats the standover on this

whats the standover on this bike ?






the harlequin theme looked ok on VR6 golfs but that piss of pads and color on that frame is a total bonerkill.


Wish I could slap your mother right now. j/k lol I guess what ever moves you.


spokes person??

may i join you?


Accident prone?

I could see how some bikers might want their bike to standout on the road to prevent getting hit but now you need to think about all of the possible traffic accidents this one will cause! haha. This is great!

Second thought, they should really consider remaking Wizard of Oz so they can put Dorothy on this bike so the high tech consumer of a brand new Technicolor tv set could get their full money's worth.



...Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat threw up on your bike. I can dig it with a shovel, or any other device made for digging. I'm planning on getting some pads for my monochromatic ride. Just for a bit of flair. Who am I kidding, you know all about flair.

Cheers from the city of wind



Why oh why...

would you cover that frame up?!?!... Hurts:(

I don't even know

looks like a Push Pop....

Rupal called...she wants her

Rupal called...she wants her bike back.

(WORK...Shake it to the left!)

looks awesome

looks awesome

I think

This shit's the bomb dot com.
-Sean Scandalous


I think that shit is hot!


I like it! It's more original then what all these other cats got going on.

that's really really ugly.

that's really really ugly.

Almost as ugly as your MASH

Almost as ugly as your MASH

looks like..

an colorblind build that bike. hahah just kidding.
Actually each one of us have an diff bike in our mind, just that yours are colorful.


Please re-evaluate what you're do with your gorgeous NJS frame. Would you paint woodgrain on the sides of a 200,000 dollar sports car? (Please don't answer that.)


epic failure.


Riding my bike makes me happy.

Looking at this bike makes me happy.




lame sauce

lame sauce

This makes me cry...not in a

This makes me cry...not in a good way.

awesome possum

yep, that deserves an awesome possum...

early 90's flair in ur

early 90's flair in ur roygbiv, i can dig it!


god damn roy g biv on the

god damn roy g biv on the njs. wooooooord


WOnderful, YES!!! wonderful!! BEAUTIFUL


Someone please give Ronald McDonald his bike back.

now that

is one sexy bike, it makes me feel so gay inside


is a great bike!

hey where do you find those

hey where do you find those type of top tube pads??


Reload frame pads. Google.

what is the rise on those

what is the rise on those bars?

i love the look of this bike!

the best

my absolute favorite bike on here. you should get ro to make you some custom frame pads for those stays.


Hell yeah! More color, more molor!

i'm lovin' it

i've been waiting to upload pictures of my bike so i could befriend your bike, it's totally obnoxious and i love it.


you need to get a clown suit STAT, run into the velodrome, push your way past anyone who tries to stop you and ride twenty laps on this bike.

(yes with the fucking clown shoes on)

PS this is a message of love.


I'm sorry, but if Father Christmas brought me that, irrespective of the mechanical qualities, I'd give him both barrels.

indeed the course of twain

the bike and saw it when pads of color and holycrap with some wheels ride bag dead. Yes! of elite and possible.

I've seen it

And I believe in its existence now. Totally ridiculous awesome bike.


what happened to the ridiculous makino?

That, my good man, is a

That, my good man, is a pretty bicycle.

a better top tube pad

Theres some ramblin worker (i think) top tube pads that have kanji for something that translates roughly to "Man who has long endurance for sex" on them. I think this bike needs one.

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