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Custom Carbon Kilo/Pursuit         Featured Bike! on 09/9/2011

Bike tags: Track bike
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Carbon Dream Track Kilo/Pursuit, 49cm

Nitto bar and stem

Integrated Carbon

Custom drilled 24 hole Phillie's, Zipp 60mm carbon, Sapim bladed spokes, Michelin

Custom drilled 24 hole Phillie's, Zipp 60mm carbon, Sapim bladed spokes, Michelin

Sugino Track BB, Sugino Zen Track Cranks anodized red.


Crank Bros., Izumi gold anodized

Are you friggin' crazy?!?!

Don't ask me that again dude!


No mountains here dude.

Messenger in Chicago for 10+ years with Velocity Courier. Now I live in LA, and don't have to ride my babies to make loot. Not much into flat bars, and tricks. I like traditional, correctly built track bikes. I'm usually making beats, or DJ'ing. My podcast is at
-Props to the O20 Crew.


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What frame is that?

What frame is that?


Holy crap dude! That is one sick ride you have there! WOW! A freaking stealth bomber on the street! Thanks for posting.

your bike is sexy as a

your bike is sexy like stealth bomber and i bet this machine winds up so fast..

dubstep is no doubt fine music.. i really wanna get into vinyl and mixing, any tips for a noob like me?

My eyes practically fell out

My eyes practically fell out of my head. I appreciate the clean lines of a steel frame, and even the fat tubes of an old aluminum set up, but I still love spaceship-esque crabon bikes. Beauty.

Thanks bro! I'm only

Thanks bro! I'm only 130lbs., so I like the responsiveness of an aluminum track frame. But, since I don't courier anymore I figured "what the heck, go all out." I took my time building it, and I hope someone with the dough can buy it one day.


that shit is ridiculous.

Word em up man! Thanks!

Word em up man! Thanks!

WOW that is one good looking

WOW that is one good looking machine...... good job. do you ever ride it on the street?

Nah. I'm trying to sell it.

Nah. I'm trying to sell it. I have another one exactly like it with different wheels that I ride on the street. Thanks dude!

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